Americans Reveal Their Top Sex Fantasies:Through Durex Survey

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A couple kiss as they attend the 29th annual "MaiKaeferTreffen" (May Beetle meeting) meeting in Hanover, May 1, 2012.
A couple kiss as they attend the 29th annual "MaiKaeferTreffen" (May Beetle meeting) meeting in Hanover, May 1, 2012. Reuters

As it comes to sex, Americans seemed to have revealed it all, this time. In order to celebrate National Orgasm Day which occurred on July 31st in US, Durex, the renowned condom manufacturer conducted a survey.

“According to the report by New York Daily News, the main purpose of this survey which involved 1,000 participants over age 21 was to get a clearer picture about American’s fantasy versus reality orgasm experiences.”

A significant number of participants went with the age old sexual fantasies of making love in the beaches or inside movie theaters, but the surprising factor was while only 23 percent of participants revealed to fantasise about having an orgasm in a car, 36 percent admitted they enjoyed themselves in that particular situation.

15 percent of participants fantasised about having sex in the library even though "sex in the stacks," the preferable term widely used by college students confirmed that library turns out to be one of the most popular orgasm convenient places.

A whopping 30 percent of candidates said that they fantasised about having an orgasm in a plane, yet only 5 percent of the participants claimed being the members of the Mile High Club.

The 22 percent adventurer ones preferred to have an orgasm inside clothing store fitting rooms, while 28 percent admitted office being their favourite place. And 20 percent fantasised about love making on a rooftop or balcony.

But it was only 5 percent of participants could express their realisation about roof or balcony fantasies.

The back of the cab was one more place where 16 percent fantasised about having an orgasm, while 10 percent fantasised about the subway and only 2 percent have truly did it.

Strangely enough seven percent fantasised about orgasms in church, eight percent fantasised about orgasms in a cemetery, but the fantasy came true just for 3 per cent of the participants.

Even though it is illegal to have sex in public areas in the U.S, Durex came up with the survey to initiate better communication between partners as 93 percent of the participants said being with  a trusted partner leads to more intense orgasms.

The survey concluded that participants thought home to be the best place to have sex with 54 percent of respondents confirming they enjoyed sex in the shower and 35 percent admitting to indulge into steamy sex in the kitchen.

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