American Music Awards 2012: Psy Performed Hit Single ‘Gangnam Style’ with MC Hammer [VIDEO]

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Korean superstar Psy closed the 2012 American Music Awards with an epic performance of his worldwide hit single "Gangnam Style" with MC Hammer. The audience went wild as the two performers danced their signature moves to a "Gangnam Style" and "Too Legit to Quit" song mash-up. of the Black Eyed Peas introduced international sensation Psy before performing on stage at the 2012 American Music Awards held in Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles last November 18. The 34-year-old Korean pop star wore a particular outfit of sequined black shirt and hammer pants during the performance.

In the middle of his performance, Psy suddenly stopped with the stage completely turning black and he said: "Stop, Hammer time." The 50-year-old rapper walked out on the stage, joined Psy and the back-up dancers then continued the impressive closing performance. The crowd cheered and also danced to the energetic music exploding through the speakers.

The worldwide hit song "Gangnam Style" is featured on Psy's sixth studio album "PSY 6 (Six Rules) Part 1" where it skyrocketed to the number 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the other hand, the song "Too Legit to Quit" is the successful title track to MC Hammer's fourth studio album. The single was released on Nov. 5, 1991 and it reached the No. 5 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

Check out the video below and watch Psy and MC Hammer's signature dance moves at the 2012 American Music Awards closing performance.

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