“American Idol” vs “The Voice”: Which One Has Top Elements That Make a Successful Reality Show? [VIDEO]

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 What? American Idol has not received an award as an outstanding reality show after 13 seasons on air? You got it right, as popular as Fox show may have been since it began in 2000, Idol has recently been overshadowed by its competition, The Voice, which saw its first award at 2013 Emmys.

With the X-Factor USA on the side, American Idol and The Voice are the top two reality singing competition shows America has today. Both shows have only one mission: to find new talents and discover recording stars with songs that will propel them to immense popularity, international superstardom and music that will continue the hearts of America and the world.

But the end may not always justify the means. To discover new talents, a reality show like Idol and Voice must have the right elements to get things right.

With these elements, check out which between The Voice and American Idol does it better and see

Here are the top four (4) elements The Voice has that American Idol should have to up their ante in Season 13.

1. The Judges In this day and age, any reality competition is as good as the judges sitting on the panel. With the formulaic male and female judges, they help discover the next big thing in the music industry.

American Idol The popular television show introduced the kinds of judges reality shows these days have to offer. From Simon Cowell to Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, American Idol has about all kinds of stars to give their take on the hopefuls. But it also saw the kinds of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey who had shown no efforts to keep their personal distaste for each other until the end of Season 12.

Then there are the types of sensational judges in Jennifer Lopez and funny souls like Steven Tyler and the ones with gentle soul like Keith Urban.

With all sorts of judges that came along, American Idol, however, has failed to come up with a group of judges with chemistry who will get along while finding new talents.

The Voice “Nice” is the word that comes out in everyone’s mind when one thinks of judges for The Voice. Well, at least that’s what they show’s judges have insisted on trying to do on the show. Christina Aguilera had said in an interview that having nice judges is what sets The Voice apart from other reality competition shows.

"The Voice really does stand for what it says. Instinctually, you can judge people based on the way they look. I love the fact we get to sit here with our backs turned away from these people and completely use just one sense to hear these voices. I'm not looking for vocal acrobatics, who has biggest range [of] high and low. I'm looking forward to getting moved," Christina Aguilera said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly said MTV News.

The singer noted that “this isn't about tearing people down. I want to bring these people up."

Simon Cowell, are you listening?

Winner: The Voice It’s a win-win solution!

2. The Format American Idol Yes, the hopefuls always have their eyes on those elusive tickets to Hollywood. Having tickets means impressing the judges with their choice of music and if they are able to put a rendition of the song by great artists but “making it their own.”

Having tickets to Hollywood also means, bringing your own guitar and good with your hands in piano. Still remember what we love about Angie Miller and Scotty McCreery?

But one would really be in a perfect place if not only would hopefuls go on stage with “star quality” they already brought with them so that the judges can say “you’re born a star.”

Remember when all Nicki Minaj could say to Candice Glover is seeing her knees for the first time on stage? It will be recalled in the last few weeks of Season 12, Candice was slowly dominating the competition and she decided to wear the black dress? Nicki was sure to tell America just that - - that Candice was getting pretty by the day.

The Voice It doesn’t matter if hopefuls have a guitar or piano with them or wearing the perfect boots before Jennifer Lopez. The Voice judges are out to find the ones with “the voice.”

How they do it?

Hopefuls bring only their great voice and judges will have to hear them without having to see what boots they wear or the color of their hair.

On the show, judges are seen sitting on their chairs with their backs facing the talents. If they like the voice, they turn around. If they think the voice will not bring them anywhere, then they remain their backs turned.

Winner: The Voice No doubt.

3. The Host American Idol Ryan Seacrest has been hosting American Idol since it began in 2000. After 12 seasons, the hunk host shows no signs of stopping. Seacrest will be back on Season 13 of Idol, and he is the remaining soul of the top original celebrities to be on the reality singing competition.

But why we love Ryan. Sure no one could probably do an extro, “and this… is American Idol like Ryan. But that’s not all we love about the host.

Ryan may very well be one of the most successful television host in the U.S. Being on the show has made him the highest-paid host in the history of American television. But that is certainly well-earned and much deserved.

He may be best known for his role on Idol, but the 38-year-old television personality has hosted countless others before the popular Fox show. Ryan hosted two kids’ show, Gladiator 2000 (94-96) and Click (1997).He also hosted Saturday Night at the Movies, Ultimate Revenge and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

In spite of his busy schedule Ryan still managed to host a radio program called On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

And that’s not all. Ryan Seacrest is not just a talent. He has learned the ropes in the entertainment industry and has been very good at it. Under his very own Ryan Seacrest Production (RSP), Ryan has been producing top-rated shows on television. These include E! Network’s highest-rated hit series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as the spin-offs Khloe and Lamar, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Ryan has his eyes not only on the Kardashian clans, his production company has also ventured on other programs including the Emmy Award-winning ABC reality series Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Melissa and Tye and Shahs of Sunset for Bravo.

Bravo, Ryan!

Who wouldn’t want a host with much credibility on his sleeve as Ryan Seacrest?

The Voice Carson Daly, the MTV’s Total Request Live. That’s it. But who is Carson Daly. The 40-year-old American television host has been in business for a while now. But he is known best for stint as VJ for MTV’s Total Request Live. He was also a DJ for Southern California’s radio station, 106.7 KROQ-FM.

Daly wasn’t all holding microphone however, before becoming one of the faces of The Voice. He was a host for NBC News' Today Show and NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly.

There’s no doubt he’s a good looking one as well.

Winner: Ryan Seacrest, American Idol There’s no one like Ryan.

4. The Winners American Idol Ever heard of Kelly Clarkson? Of course, who would forget Idol’s first star who has never stopped topping Billboard charts and has been raking millions in sales of her hit songs. Kelly must have set the bar so high that all the other Idol winners have made marks since they were named American Idols - - Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and Philip Philips.

Even American Idol runner ups are born to be stars. Jennifer Hudson may have come out seventh but she is the only one with an Oscars award among the bunch and this has set her apart from the rest. Chris Daughtry and Angie Miller have made their names for themselves despite coming out as third, even overshadowing the seasons’ winners.

The Voice” Four seasons since it began in 2009, The Voice has yet to see their biggest stars to top the chart or adorn by fans like Katharine McPhee. The show has a couple of hopefuls and winners who have had hit songs, however. These include Vicci Martinez for Come Along and Cassadee Pope for Champagne. But no artists have reached the same success and recognition enjoyed by the stars produced by American Idol.

Winner: American Idol

 And the real winner between American Idol and The Voice? Critics say The Voice has it. Four seasons since it hits the tube, The Voice US has already received recognition with an award for Outstanding Reality Competition Award at Emmys 2013. Something American Idol hasn’t brought home since it began 12 years ago, 12 seasons since its debut.

Does American Idol have what it takes to up the ante for Season 13? It can, but the show’s officials need more than Jennifer Lopez’s popularity to go back to its glory days.

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