American Idol Top 9: Can Lazaro Arbos Return to Top 5 and Beat Amber Holcomb -- Again?

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American Idol Top 9 performance night Thursday was all about the John Lennon-Paul McCartney songbook. Lazaro Arbos, who beat Amber Holcomb in vote numbers last week, was one of the weakest singers again. Could he manage to make it to Top 5 come results night?

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Lazaro Arbos, 21, of Naples, Florida, made it to the fourth place last week despite a rather mediocre number ("Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson). Amber Holcomb, who nailed every note of Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" came in at fifth place. To be fair, Curtis Finch, Jr. was not worse than Lazaro in his rendition of "I Believe" by Fantasia Barrino. But Curtis and Devin Velez found themselves in the bottom two of American Idol Season 12 Top 10. Curtis eventually went home. This goes to show that Lazaro has established a solid fan base this early in the competition.

As expected (due to the obviously weak performance), Idol hopeful Arbos got the full attention of "He is a truly atrocious singer who we all love. He comes out every week and performs terribly in an oddly bright colored outfit. But due to his stutter, America isn't sure what to do with him. We love him though, he's so endearing and fun to watch," the site reported following the Top 9 round.     

"Maybe it was a little bit low for you...When I look at you, it's about your courage and your perseverance," American Idol judge told Lazaro after his performance. This is interpreted as the diva's polite way of saying she won't be surprised to see Lazaro sailing through the competition despite his weak vocals.

Meanwhile, bad news for American Idol "Awkward Turtle" Charlie Askew. He's not joining Idol Tour 2013. Aubrey Cleland won out on viewers' votes.

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Janelle Arthur came out Thursday as one of the best performers. She joins the usual vocal winners, Holcomb and Candice Glover. Early favorite Angie Miller was not exactly stellar, but still good. Burnell Taylor, who was 7th in votes last week was not very good either, but he could (probably) still make it through. If anyone other than Lazaro is likely to go home, it would be Devin Velez, who's had 2 weeks of lackluster performances. Or it could be the unconvincing Paul Jolley, even if he's relatively better this week than a week ago.


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