'American Idol' Season 13: Majesty, Sam Top Favourites in AI XIII Betting Odds, MK, Jena and Malaya in Danger of Getting Eliminated This Week

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Contestant Malaya Watson poses at the party for the finalists of "American Idol XIII" in West Hollywood
Contestant Malaya Watson poses at the party for the finalists of "American Idol XIII" in West Hollywood Reuters

Eleven contestants are left vying for the “American Idol” crown in the thirteenth season of one of the most popular reality-contest shows in the world today. Entering the third week of elimination—two already got the boot, Kristen O'Conner and Emily Piriz from the original Top 13 AI Finalists—the betting lines suggest that it’s going to be a four-man (actually, 3-man and 1-woman) race to becoming the ultimate idol in 2014.

The underdogs (at least via the betting odds) can obviously perform their way to the top of the crop so anything can change depending on their performance but most often than not the betting lines are good reflections on who is in danger to get eliminated and who can potentially advance to the following week.

Betting Odds -  To American Idol Season 13 Majesty York (3.50) Sam Woolf (4.50) Dexter Roberts (5.00) Alex Preston (6.50) Ben Briley (9.00) Caleb Johnson (9.00) Jessica Meuse (11.00) CJ Harris (11.00) Malaya Watson (21.00) Jena Irene (34.00) MK Nobilette (101.00)

Cases in point are the contestants who are part of the “Bottom 3” of the last two weeks: Nobilette, who was on the chopping block both in the first and second finals week; Watson in the first finals week; and Irene in the second finals week.

All three women are bottom-feeders in the latest betting lines: Nobillete at 101.00, Irene at 34.00 and Watson at 21.00.

For the uninitiated in sports and entertainment betting, here’s the formula:

X (Amount of Bets) times Betting Odds = Payout

Computing the odds—and their chances of advancing to the next rounds— all three will net a bettor the highest payouts if they manage to perform better in the following AI weeks. A $100 bet on Nobilette will net a $10,010 payout; on Irene, a $3,400 payout and on Watson, a $2,100 payout!

On the other end of the spectrum—and who appears to be safe if they live up to expectations—are Majesty York (3.50)-- $100 to win $350; and Sam Woolf (4.50)-- $100 to win $450.

Like any competition, in sports or entertainment, the underdogs sometimes get their way and pull the rug underneath the favourites. Can MK, Irene or Malaya avoid the axe this week? Will one of Sam and Majesty and other favourites have an underwhelming performance this week?

There’s only one way to find out and that is watching the performances (and voting) in the American Idol Season 13 episodes this week.

And if MK, Irene or Malaya fans believe their idols have what it takes to go all the way this season, there’s no better time to put money on them as the value is sky-high and the payout for a possible victory is big!

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