American Idol Season 13 Judge Spoiler!: Jennifer Lopez’s Boytoy, Casper Smart Leaks and Confirms Singer’s Return as ‘Idol’ Judge [PHOTOS]

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 It sounds like Jennifer Lopez’s boytoy, Casper Smart, couldn’t wait to see his lover, Jennifer Lopez, to be on the judges’ table of Fox’s American Idol. Thinking that the Fox officials have already made their announcements that Jen is returning on Idol, the singer’s back-up dancer and young lover has spilled the beans and made the confirmation himself.

Just a simple “Yes” from Casper but that said it all.

He was being interviewed by E! for his new show, A Step Away when Casper was asked about Jennifer’s return on American Idol for Season 13. And without blinking an eye, he confirmed that indeed his lover is sitting on the judges’ panel.

Casper made it easy for everyone.

After months of speculation and weeks of negotiations with Fox officials, the die has been cast and official announcement of Jennifer’s return was cut short by her own man. While this could have helped boost the much-needed publicity for the reality show, Casper thought, why not.

Jen’s return was supposed to be announced this week. But the long wait is over, thanks to her lover, Casper.

The network refused to make any comment after Casper made his “subtle” announcement, said E!

Jen’s return has been initiated by Marc Anthony’s ex-wife. She apparently wanted to find a job in Los Angeles and she thought that American Idol is the best job for her as she plans to establish her base in LA. This is all for her twins, Emme and Max, who are reportedly both going to begin schooling this fall.

"Returning to American Idol makes sense for Jennifer this season," a source tells E!, adding that "as the show's schedule will allow her to focus on new film and TV projects."

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The source noted Jen’s need to be with her family as twins enter school. "And, of course, her twins are starting school this year and she will have time for her family," added the source.

Has Casper Smart just spoiled Fox big plans to announce Jen’s return? Will Casper still have a key to the car Jen bought for him? Is he in big trouble?

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