American Idol Judges 2014: Sexiest, Funniest, The Best? Watch Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr in FOX Teaser [WATCH VIDEO]

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American Idol judges in 2014 are not at all bickering, just frequently goofing off, and hardly ever acerbic to any contestant. But each of them is quite a "music authority" in his or her own right. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. Could they be the best set of judges to ever rule the AI panel? Leave it to the fans to show the answer in TV ratings for the premiere on Jan. 15.

Keith Urban's freshman year as an American Idol judge on Season 12 was well-received. FOX signed him on for Season 13, so it seems he has no reason to regret leaving The Voice Australia for this job. He comes in casual, unpretentious, muscle-hugging tees. And he's got the laid-back Aussie vibe that is much appreciated by many AI fans.

Fans note Keith Urban is never self-absorbed in his comments. And they say he tries, really tries, to not sound like a broken record. AI producers has worked on a montage of Urban-in-the-zone moments when he's getting carried away by the contestants' music. Now fans can't wait for more of it from AI Season 13.

Jennifer Lopez was an American Idol judge on Seasons 10 and 11. Two divas, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, replaced J-Lo on Season 12. Idol fans will not soon forget how that turned out.

J-Lo turns "goosies" into a legit word on TV. Some fans dislike that she flirts with young male contestants, but others point out she tries to keep it light for fun. The fashionistas are looking forward to seeing her dress, hair, and overall style every episode. With Keith and J-Lo, there is so much sexiness going on at the panel already, AI fans note. But there's one more judge's seat.

Harry Connick, Jr has never been an American Idol judge, but he's dished some of the best commentaries about the contestants on the show. He had been a mentor many times on the show. In fact, he was a mentor on Season 12. His fans love him for being such a big performer of standards and for being a good film actor, too.

Harry Connick, Jr is well loved by men and women in different generations. He's undeniably easy on the eyes, cameras love him. But what AI fans are expecting from him are more unique and witty comments, as well as jokes on American Idol Season 13.

American Idol 2014, otherwise known as American Idol Season 13 premieres on FOX on Jan. 15. After a dozen years, could a new panel of sexy, good-looking judges bring something refreshing to the reality show?

WATCH: American Idol Judges in 2014

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