'American Idol' Judge Jennifer Lopez Talks Pain from Divorce, Inspiration from Twins and Love for Casper Smart

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American Idol's new judging panel Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr,
American Idol's new judging panel Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. Reuters

"American Idol" Judge, Jennifer Lopez admitted that breaking up with her husband Marc Anthony was one of the most difficult periods in her life. According to her, this part of her life can be considered a "tremendous low." However, the renowned singer, actress and judge does not regret anything, especially becoming a mother to her twins, to whom she credited her maturity.

Lopez, 44 shares with People magazine that splitting up with her husband and ending their eight years of marriage is not something she's proud of. However, she would not change anything because it made her who she is today.

"I went through a tremendous low," Lopez claims. "But I wouldn't change anything [about my past] because it made me who I am."

Ending such a serious relationship allowed her to reevaluate her life and how she handles relationships. Lopez felt so low while breaking up with Marc Anthony that although Marc filed for divorce in April 2012, the star did not return the final divorce papers just until December 2013 after protracted negotiations.

"As women we can sometimes give ourselves away," says the music diva. "I was certainly guilty of that for some time. Now I realize I am good on my own, so now I can share my life with somebody."

Moreover, even though she had opened her heart to Casper Smart for two years now, she is more mature about love not because of anyone else but because of her twins, Emme and Max, who are now six-year olds.

"I just feel like I went through a real growth spurt as a human being [when I became a mother]," shares Lopez to People magazine, adding, "Having my babies allowed me to realize what real unconditional love was."

Jennifer Lopez is slated to perform two songs and will also be the first female recipient of the Icon Award at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, airing May 18 on ABC. J.Lo will also release her tenth studio album "A.K.A." on June 17, featuring the song "First Love."

In this song, J.Lo crooned lyrics more likely to be dedicated to current love, Casper Smart.

The song goes: "See I know a little bit something good, Always comes out of a little bit something bad, And I wasn't looking for someone new, 'Till you came down." In the chorus, Lopez sings "I wish you were my first love, 'Cause if you were first, Baby there wouldn't have been no second, third or fourth love."

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