American Idol 2014 Season 13 Top 30 Leaked Online: Big Changes on Fox Reality Show Revealed!

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Season 13 of Fox’s “American Idol” has officially ended Hollywood week and the show’s Top 30 contenders have been leaked online. Judge Harry Connick Jr. noted that big changes await on the popular reality show as it hits the tube on January 15, 2014.

Unlike in previous years, the “American Idol” will have forty not thirty contestants who will receive the golden ticket to Los Angeles. noted that there will be 15 males and 15 female contestants who will go head to head on the much awaited performance shows in the next five months beginning next year.

Of the top thirty contestants who are trying to be the next American idol, 13 hopefuls have already auditioned from the previous seasons of the Fox reality show, mostly season 11 and 12 of”American Idol.” A handful of contestants will also be a familiar face as they had tried to find their stars from other reality shows, including NBC’s “The Voice” and Fox,’s “The X Factor USA.”

Season 13 of “American Idol” has two returning judges, Season 12 judge and Australian crooner, Keith Urban and Season 10-11 judge, Jennifer Lopez. First time judge, Harry Connick Jr. will be joining Lopez and Urban this season.

Scroll down to check out the complete list of “American Idol” 2014 Season 13 from AmericanIdol.Net:

American idol 2014 Hollywood Week Contestants

Adam Roth Alexa Gilomen (prev. American Idol 12) Alex Preston Alexis Williamson Amaryllis “Lilly” Rodriguez (Former National American Miss) Amber Renee Dundee Anna Melvin (prev. American Idol 12) Aranesa Turner — (Daughter of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels lead singer) Ariel Herrera (prev. The Voice 2013, possibly The X Factor 2) Athena Williford Austin Alvarez Austin Percario (prev. The X Factor 2011, American Idol 11 Ayla Stackhouse (prev. possibly The X Factor Bella Johanessen or Bella Johansson (no info/photo yet) Benjamin “Ben” Boone Ben Taylor — Brandy Neelly (prev. American Idol 12) Carlton Smith Casey Thrasher Caylie Gregorio (prev. The X Factor 2011) Claudia Getlik Danielle Kalil (sister of Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil) David Oliver Willis (prev. American Idol 12) Dylan Becker (prev. American Idol 11) Eddie Soltys (no info/photo yet) Erin Christine Prestileo (prev. American Idol 12) Ethan Harris Fonna Landrum Garrett Nichols Hayley Noelle Pettinato Isabel Pasqualone (prev. American Idol 12 Top 40) Isabell Gallegos (prev. American Idol 12 Hollywood Week) Jack Janowicz (prev. possibly America’s Got Talent) Jay Zidor Jeffrey “Jeff” Donovan Jones Jerome McCullen Jillian Jensen (prev. American Idol 8 and 9, The X Factor 2 John J. Fox Josh Roshad Juan Puppo (prev. The Voice) Justin Fira Kaitlyn Jackson Kari Crimmins Kenneth Gaddie Keith London Kenzie Hall Keri Lynn Roche (prev. American Idol 12) Laurel Wright Lauren Ashlea Ogburn Maddye Trew Regis Madelyn Patterson (prev. The X Factor 2013 Marcus Holloway Marrialle Sellars Matthew Redmond McKenna Dennis Megan Miller Melanie Porras Michelle Dimov (prev. The X Factor) Morgan Deplitch (prev. The X Factor) Nestor Luis Cruz Paisley Van Patten Paris Primeau (prev. The X Factor - 3 times) Paul White Quaid Edwards Remi Wolf Richie Boggs Rich Lafleur (prev. American Idol 11) Ryan Clark Sadie Rose Van Sam Woolf Samantha Calmes Sarina-Joi Crowe (prev. American Idol 12) Savannah Young Savion Wright Spencer Lloyd Stephanie Petronelli (New England Patriots cheerleader) Stephanie “Steph” Marie Hanvey Steven Curd (prev. American Idol 12) Tessa Norman Tiquila Wilson Treyvon Derring Troy Durden Tyler Ahlgren Tyler Andrew Sloan Tyler Gurwicz Tyler Marshall Viviana Villalon Zach Day

Those with Golden Ticket but not confirmed for Hollywood Week  Alexandra Jolter (Boston auditions) Bryce (Detroit auditions) Josh Holiday Remy Millington Rico Perkins Sydney Arterbridge (Detroit auditions)

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