‘American Idol’ 2014 Season 13 Episode 10 'Hollywood Round, Week #3' Recap [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Host Ryan Seacrest (L-R), Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and executive producer Trish Kinane of "American Idol" take part in Fox Broadcasting Company's part of the Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter 2014 presentations in Pasadena, California, January 13, 2014.

"American Idol" 2014 also known as "American Idol XIII" is back on its tenth episode (air date: Feb. 13, 2014) after last Wednesday's episode which aired on Feb. 12, 2014 and featured the Episode 9 "Hollywood Round, Week #2." After the AI hopefuls' solo performances, they had to ride up an elevator and proceed to a room where the judges, namely Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr., were waiting to give the contestants their final judgment. They had to tell them whether they made it to the Top 30 (15 males, 15 females) or not. Read on to find out what happened in the "American Idol" 2014 Season 13 Episode 10 "Hollywood Round, Week #3" recap below.

Of course, the contestants were all a bundle of nerves as they waited to know the judges' verdict. There were also a few tears from contestants who failed to make it through. Last night ended with a cliffhanger wherein Urban, Lopez and Connick, Jr. couldn't decide between similar country artists Casey Thrasher and C.J. Harris. They even had a sing-off right then and there to help the judges decide who to keep and who to let go.

But, it turns out all the suspense was overhyped because they both got through to the Top 30! Well, actually it's supposed to be Top 30 only, but more on that in little while.

Watch some of the videos uploaded on the official "American Idol" YouTube channel featuring the contestants' solo performances and final judgments:

Marrialle Sellars:

Savion Wright:

Neco Starr:

George Lovett:

Bria Anai Johnson:

Here are the rest of the AI Season 13 hopefuls who made it to the Top 30 (In Alphabetical Order):

1. Austin Wolfe

2. Brandy Neelly

3. Briana Oakley

4. Briston Maroney

5. Caleb Johnson

6. Casey Thrasher

7. C.J. Harris

8. Ethan Harris

9. Jena Asciutto

10. Kenzie Hall

11. Majesty Rose

12. Marrialle Sellars

Just for a quick recap, here are the ones who made it to the Top 30 on Wednesday (In Alphabetical Order):

1. Andrina Brogden

2. Alex Preston

3. Bria Anai

4. Dexter Roberts

5. Emily Piriz

6. Emmanuel Zidor

7. George Lovett

8. Jessica Meuse

9. Jillian Jensen

10. Jordan Brisbane

11. Kristen O'Connor

12. Malaya Watson

13. Malcolm Allen

14. Maurice Townsend

15. M.K. Nobilette

16. Sam Woolf

17. Spencer Lloyd

But, only 17 contestants got through on Wednesday (Feb. 12, 2014) and 12 contestants got through on Thursday (Feb. 13, 2014). This adds up to a total of 29 contestants.

That's because the judges again could not decide between Neco Starr and Ben Briley. However, instead of having the two of them sing again on-the-spot like what they did with the others, they will let America decide by voting online on who will stay and who will go.

Who will get the last spot? Will it be Ben Briley or Neco Starr? You'll find out next week (on a special Tuesday episode, Feb. 18, 2014) after the voting is over and the results are revealed. Or, watch out for spoilers about that here. Here's a picture of them from the official Twitter account of "American Idol":

Unfortunately, these contestants did not make the cut and were sent home: Munfarid Zaidi, Savion Wright, Sarina Joi Crowe, Paula Hunt, Nalani Quintello, David Oliver Willis and Megan Miller

And that's it for the "American Idol" 2014 Episode 10 "Hollywood Round, Week #3" recap. Stay tuned for more updates on "American Idol XIII" including spoilers, sneak peeks and episode recaps.

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