American Idol 2013: Zoanette Johnson vs Janelle Arthur vs Candice Glover - Who will stay?

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American Idol 2013 (Season 12) will lose five more girls Wednesday night on the U.S. channel Fox. Who among the judges' favorites Zoanette Johnson, Janelle Arthur and Candice Glover will make it through the Sudden Death round in Las Vegas?

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American Idol connects with viewers via Twitter.

Angela Miller, Kree Harrison, Tenna Torres, Adriana Latonio, and Amber Holcomb are the first five girls to survive the Sudden Death round in Las Vegas. American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj will pick another five from the second and last batch of girls to go through Sudden Death.

Ten ladies and ten gentlemen will be singing for the viewers' votes next week on American Idol 2013 (Season 12). Five more girls will be named as live contenders Wednesday, and 5 more gentlemen will be named Thursday.

Zoanette Johnson, Janelle Arthur and Candice Glover are three of the Idol judges' favorites among the girls. Johnson is perhaps the one with the most quirks among the ladies (since Kez Ban threw off the game in Hollywood). She has haters across various social media channels, but a lot of people also get and even celebrate her antics.

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Arthur is a strong contender from the country music genre, but the girl sometimes lacks confidence when performing. Glover is not too confident, either. But she has the vocal chops of a pro. Another one with a very cool pop sound is Cristabel Clack. All four girls could make it if they keep their nerves and pick the right song.

If anyone should worry Wednesday, it would be Rachel Hale and Melinda Ademi. Shubha Vedula, the last girl eliminated last week could have easily beat them if they were on the same group.

American Idol is only moments away from naming its Top 10 Girls. Who are your early, pre-live rounds favorites?

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