‘American Idol’ 2013: Winner Candice Glover Admits Losing Weight to Look Like a Star, Too Much Pressure?

Winner Candice Glover Reveals Weight Loss Secrets, Too Much Pressure ?


Is the pressure too much for American Idol Season 12 winner, Candice Glover that she lost more weight after nabbing the title barely a month ago? The 23-year-old winner from South Carolina shows off slimmed down figure at the Women in Film's 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards on June 12 and she shared her secrets to the unbelievable weight loss.

Candice wasn’t afraid to admit to wanting shedding some weight “to look like a star.” She said that she noticed some weight loss at the beginning of the rigorous competition in January 2013, adding that she had felt lighter barely a month after winning the title. To date, Candice has reportedly lost 20 pounds since January.

"… you have to put the burger aside and do what you've got to do, because you want to look like a star," Candice strongly admitted in an interview with InTouch Weekly at the recently concluded awards night.

Asked how she lost weight, Candice said “she had no idea how.”

“I honestly, don't even know what happened,” Candice reportedly said of her weight loss.

She suspected however, that being constantly on-the-go in recent months and her efforts to eating less could be behind her weight loss.

 “I think just because I've been running non-stop. I've been trying to eat a little better and I think walking in the airport— I do a lot of walking, so I think that helps out,” Candice claimed.

She also said that it also helps to have a lot of discipline and self-control to not consume more than necessary.

"Every time we have a chance to eat, it's like, 'Oh, I'll just eat this burger. I'll just eat it this one time. And then next week I'll get a salad,'” Candice added.

It looks like the South Carolina winner is taking after her idol, Jennifer Hudson. Simon Cowell even pointed out on the eve of the final show on May 16 that the Season 12 winner could not be more than Jennifer Hudson - - a karaoke, church-going singer.

Candice and Jennifer had a show-stopping performance on ‘Idol’ finale and they have been compared more often since then. Like Candice, Jennifer was a lot heavier when she began on Idol. Though she exited Idol as a 7th place finalist, Jennifer has had more aces up her sleeve than most of her contemporaries and fellow winners (or finalists). She’s the only Idol finalist with Oscar awards to her name. Jennifer has been a weight-loss advocate and she has continuously showed off her stunning, slimmed down body in the last couple of years. And Jennifer Hudson has never looked amazing!

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