American Idol 2013: What “Judges Save” Meant for Idol Contestants and Why It Wasn’t Used on Janelle Arthur [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Impact Made by Judges’ Save on American Idol Contestants and Their Careers


Does being saved by the judges when they ought to or when they should have mean anything to a career of any 'American Idol' contender? What would not being saved mean to Janelle Arthur and her career as a music artist? Would it have great impact on her place in the music industry?

More reverberating questions could be asked following the inability of Janelle Arthur to convince the judges that she is one Top 5 lady finalist to get that powerful, judges save. While she deserved indeed to be among the top five all-girl finalists, it appears that Janelle didn’t really have what it takes to earn that one great save.

As puzzling as it was, one can only surmise that Janelle didn’t have it. She was a good country singer, but it wasn’t enough to convince the judges that she deserves to stay a little longer on Idol. Janelle claimed she wasn’t even aware of the save that night.

“Well I've heard that [Thursday night] was the last night that they could use [the save],” Janelle was quoted as saying by WetPaint in a press conference call following her controversial elimination on Top 5 Idol episode. “So I didn't even know that. I didn't even know it until afterwards or I might've been a little more hurt that they didn't save me. But I just thought that they were using it for another girl, but actually, that was their only chance and they decided not to even use it!”

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Would things have been different had she known? Like many, Janelle was also wracking her brains out what she could have done to have gotten that save. But a look at the Idol history may tell you, that indeed judges rarely use that powerful save. And whatever Janelle could have done might not have saved her.

What could have been more certain was what could the save do to Janelle based on a handful of contestants saved by the judges. One, she could definitely have stayed a little longer and may have a shot at top final three. When Idol finalist, Michael Lynche was saved in Season Nine, he was one of the Top 9 contenders. But he was too good for the judges to let him go and they used that save as early as Top 9 episode. Michael Lynche stayed until he was among the Top Final 4.

Two, when saved, Janelle could have been more certain of her career in the music industry. Judges saving a contestant only means that they believe in her and her talents and that vote of confidence is recognized by the people. And that also goes to the number of albums sold in the end. Randy Jackson insisted Janelle was good but it was just not good enough for the save. Only two judges wanted her to stay. The two others were ready to let Janelle go.

"There's two for and two not for, so unfortunately, baby, it's not unanimous. We're not gonna use it," Randy said, in a separate report by IBTimes-AU, " adding that Janelle was so much-loved by America when he said, "We love you, though. We love-love you. Thank you"

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