American Idol 2013: Top Things to Keep on 'American Idol' for the Show to Go On [PHOTOS]

What Should Producers Do to Keep 'American Idol' Alive?


The Season 12 of American Idol has been beset with controversies, more dramas and intrigues as the Idol finale draws near.

With barely two weeks before the final show on May 15, American Idol 2013 is still being hounded with rumors and news leaving their millions of devoted viewers disappointed more than putting smiles on their faces. From its steady drop of ratings until hitting its all-time low, to keeping least talented contestants and a search for a new judge mid-season.

American Idol is reportedly on the brink of showing its last season this year. But if Idol continues to entertain America and the whole world for Season 13, here are the top things producers ought to keep and eventually improve on to address rating concerns on American Idol.

1. Ryan Seacrest: He is no doubt the core element of the show that makes America’s most popular reality TV show a big hit. His wit, combined with good looks and his effortless ability to keep Idol a fun show to watch are just some of the “Ryan-ism” Idol has to consider before making a radical move - - such as replacing him. Never mind that he is America’s highest-paid television host, he obviously deserves it. Never mind that Ryan spends more time in the mirror making sure his hair gets done perfectly before air, Ryan is made for the show as much as American Idol is made for him. Ryan creates intrigues and drama just by way he connects one segment after another. No one can do what Ryan does... but Ryan.

2. The Element of Drama. Nothing could be more satisfying from a viewer’s point of view than having that feeling that he or she contributes to the development and success of a talent. One way or another, an Idol follower would have that strong feeling that his vote has been a part of the success of a winning idol, even the Top 5 (or Top 10) Finalists.

3. Leave the Brand Alone. From music to stage design and gimmicks that represent American idol. If there’s something that need to be changed, it could be the judges, which brings us to number four.

4. New Judges. Randy Jackson has been great and the head judge has no reason to go - - only if he wants to (out of sheer boredom or he just wants to explore new things). American Idol also needs the sensivitiy and sexiness of Aussie Idol Judge, Keith Urban. Idol producers may want to keep him too. Nothing could be sexier than a man who admits to crying when seeing his wife on a red carpet, looking gorgeous while he is away from Nicole Kidman for weeks and only to see her on a live television show. What Idol doesn’t want is a Nicki Minaj who tries too hard to be “annoying” just to shine on the judge panel. And a Mariah Carey who is just using the show to propel herself to greatness. Admit it, Mariah no longer has what she had years ago. This could be her “twilight years” as an artist and she must have thought that Idol could help her revive her career. Not if you only know “dahling” when you give your take on an Idol contestant!

5. Keep Looking for Idols. In other words, Season 12 of American Idol can’t be the last of American Idol. America needs Season 13 admidst economic, political and violent-related issues that hit the country. The Idol winners who have made their mark in the industry and those who have yet to make a name for themselves, as well as those talents yet undiscovered make what America really is - - the land of hope and American dream in its good sense is kept alive with shows like American Idol.

This article is an offshoot of related article written by Marnie Brodersen of Wetpaint, a news online that follows American Idol 2013 , religiously.

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