American Idol 2013: Top Questions Now with 20 Outstanding Finalists In [PHOTOS]

What are the Top Questions in Everyone’s Mind Now that Top 20 Finalists are In?


Now that the Top 20 finalists have been chosen, everyone is asking the following important and resounding questions.

1. Who will shine in the girls’ group? Candice Miller’s name has been making the buzz as one good choice among the girls last week. But she is battling it out with fellow finalist, Zonatte Johnson with her performance of the “Circle of Life.” The two must choose their right songs to outbeat each other at the live performance this week. Other girls in the Top 6 who made the cut this week are pretty well on their games and they too can be the best contender for the next American Idol.

2. Who will make it among the talented boys? Vincent Powell is being rooted to impress the judge at the next live performances this week. He was described as “sturdier” and having more fun while doing his thing on stage. He continues to be popular among middle-aged women in the U.S.

Charlie Askew is equally creating a buzz. He must do work his best this week to outshine Powell. If he doesn’t impress Keith Urban, the Idol judge is likely to turn to Vincent again and say, “Preach out, brother Vincent” again.

3. Is this a girl’s year? American Idol Judge Keith Urban has been quoted recently as saying that it could be a girl’s year this season of America’s top-rated reality singing competition.

The girls chosen in the show’s last episode rocks and anyone of them will not disappoint should they all make it to the top three of the season.

4. Have the judges picked the right ones this year? It looks like the decision of the judges to let Lazaro Arbos to get through at last week’s rounds has been considered their very best decision ever made last week. Or was it?

Or maybe Mariah’s nip slip incident can make it to this part of the question. Coming in in that ridiculous outfit that led to her losing control over it as she was trying to catch her breath saying her piece on every contestant? That may not be the right choice of outfit for the day.

Tune in again this week and see who will outshine who at this week’s first live performance of the American Idol 2013.

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