American Idol 2013: Top Funny Memes Ease Up Drama on 'Idol' as Final Showdown Draws Near [SLIDESHOW]

American Idol 2013 Images that will Bring Smiles to Your Faces


The growing tension on American Idol 2013 is met by a set of heart-changing funny memes, created by its artists, that help break the ice for a fun-filled, entertaining and highly-anticipated final show down on the 2013 American Idol Season 12 set on May 15.

Tensions ran high on-stage and backstage at the American Idol set let by rumors that Mariah Carey's people threatened to sue the producers because of a report from the Hollywood Reporter stating unconfirmed plans that the singer is to be replaced by former judge, Jennifer Lopez.

Onstage, Lazaro Arbos allegedly burnt bridges when booted out on Top Final 6 episode of Idol 2013. The use of save by the judges has been prolonged, raising speculations and increasing doubts for the credibility and the viability of the next winner. The shocking and surprising twists put in play on Idol last week, allowing all four girls to stay for another "Power-Four" performance These are among the top moments  this week, barely fifteen days before America names it next Idol.

This is not to mention Idol ratings hitting its all time-low and Nicki Minaj picking fights with fellow Idol judges.

The drama continues but things shifted a little on the lighter side when a set of fun-filled photos were released, featuring the Idol judges, the top four finalists and of course, Idol host, Ryan Seacrest. Designed to make everyonesmile, the themes for the funny memes included the top catch phrases for the Idol stakeholders - - judges, contestants and Ryan.

While the creative artists opted to use real images of the judges, you wouldn’t miss the fun with the choice of top lines used by the four-panel Idol judges. More creative juices have been put in play for Ryan and the remaining four female contestants with the use of cartoons to represent each of the ladies. The drama was successfully depicted in a fun way in the controversial and much-talked-about judges save on Top 5 and Top 4 Final episodes on American Idol 2013.

Can’t wait to see the funny memes? START the SLIDESHOW and join the fun viewing American Idol 2013 images that will bring smiles to your faces.

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