American Idol 2013 Top 8: Lazaro Arbos, Safe; 5 Reasons Voters Must Let Him Rest Before Tour

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American Idol 2013 has revealed its Top 8 Thursday, as alum Jessica Sanchez performed her debut single "Tonight" with Ne-Yo. celebrates the "safe" Top 9 result for Lazaro Arbos. But as adorable as he is, his vocals are no match for the Bottom 3 contestants (Amber Holcomb, Devin Velez, Paul Jolley) this week. It's time for Lazaro's fans to let him rest for Idol Tour.

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American Idol, Lazaro Arbos: 5 Reasons voters should send him home (for now)

5. Lazaro Arbos, 21, makes an undeniably strong motivational story. But he can't continue to inspire with abysmal performances. He was safe out of the bottom three on American Idol Top 9 week not because he can sing well. And that's not the worst part of the story. People thinking he couldn't handle criticisms are becoming hurdles to his Idol adventure. Just trust the guy that he's tough enough to carry on his dream.

4. American Idol 2013 viewers voting for Arbos better be sure they're voting because he gave a stellar performance in a singing competition. Otherwise, any victory becomes a pity vote out of a blind (or in this case, deaf) support.

3. Idol judge Nicki Minaj continued to coddle Lazaro against producer mentor Jimmy Iovine, suggesting that Iovine was responsible for the young man's lackluster if not horrible performance of a Beatles classic, "In My Life." Lazaro had a worse time growing up, but he knows how to overcome difficulties. He's a big boy who can (and should be able to) handle criticisms.

2. Lazaro wants to have a career in the music industry, which is not for the fainthearted. Let him enjoy an authentic career journey - outside of your pity, outside of his sob story. That said, if Iovine is not discriminating against Lazaro's speech problem and treating him as he does everyone else in the contest, then the least the judges could do is give the guy a proper critique.

1. Lazaro is already an American Idol - a universal idol, even. He's shown courage, he's proven he could sing. But he's not done well for two weeks in a row. Let there be a sense of acceptance. He does not need to win out against the obviously better contestants just to be called an Idol. Let him rest his vocals outside of the competition so he comes out better on Idol tour.


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