American Idol 2013 Top 40: Angela Miller, Zoanette Johnson, Charlie Askew – Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em? [VIDEOS]

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American Idol 2013 (Season 12) took its Hollywood Top 40 to Las Vegas to trim the contestants to about half the number. As the much-awaited live rounds draw near, viewers launch into a quest to pick their top Idol bets, early 'hates,' and early favorites.

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Angela Miller rose from auditions obscurity to Hollywood sparkle when she sang her original composition at a crucial elims round. Zoanette Johnson also performed an original while playing the drums, but she split the viewers to followers and haters. Charlie Askew, for his part, sang an overplayed tune, but rendered an original albeit ambiguous quality to it. Scroll down to watch the best Hollywood numbers of these Idol hopefuls.

Which contestants got you watching American Ido Season 12?

VIDEO: Charlie Askew Sings 'Somebody that I Used to Know'

Charlie Askew, 17, Little Rock, Arkansas. Charlie is known to many Idol viewers as "Nature Boy." Socially awkward but witty when engaged in a conversation, he had some followers worry in Hollywood when he fell ill. But this boy surprisingly survived the ego wars and managed to stay safe at the Top 40.

VIDEO: Zoanette Johnson Sings Own Composition, Plays the Drums

Zoanette Johnson, 20, Tulsa, Oklahoma. She seems to have made friends with another quirky musician, Kez Ban. The latter did not take the Hollywood solos seriously, but this one is not letting her quirkiness end her Idol journey just yet. Some viewers love her, some want her gone before the live rounds.

VIDEO: Angela Miller Performs Original Composition in Hollywood

Angela Miller, 18, Beverly, Massachusetts. Build a Katy Perry 2.0 and polish her with some Alicia Keys vibes --you'll get an Angela Miller. The only thing bad about her final Hollywood solo is that it wasn't available on iTunes (at least not yet).

YouTube comments:

I can't wait until she wins and sings this song at the finale! And then we will get married, but that is unrelated... - Eric Mayo

Once this is on itunes, it will be #1! - Bmoney98059


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