American Idol 2013 Top 2: Kree Harrison vs. Candice Glover, Best Ways Kree Can Beat Candice on 'Idol' Final Battle [PHOTOS]


 Kree Harrison must be wishing Angie Miller had taken her place to go head to head with Candice Glover on the Top Final 2 on American Idol 2013 with all the unfriendly and non-constructive criticisms and words that have been coming her way after beating the girl with big curls and smile from Beverly, Mass.

And most of the critics have been nothing but expressive of their disbelief and discouragements and clearly rooting out for Candice. Admiting speechless on the Top Final 2, Kree doesn’t really have to say anything. Instead, the 23-year-old finalist from Woodville, Texas just need to prove everyone wrong - - that she has what it takes to beat Candice Glover and she deserves to hold to microphone on stage at Nokia Theater on Idol’s final showdown.

Here are ways that Kree can beat Candice Glover: 1. Stronger stage presence Kree Harrison is obviously with stronger stage presence than Candice Glover. If not for Candice’s powerful vocals (which is one edge she has over Kree) Kree is likely to win the game with her sweet, good looks and beauty. She commands more star power than Candice in many of the duo’s performances on Idol.

2. The Southern Twang Who would not have goosies when hearing Kree’s southern twang. Kree has the ability “to take perfect notes and add seamless runs, a little twang and a range spanning so far that some singers would sell their soul for it,” noted Kree has that and not even, the “diva-in-the-making” in Candice can take that away from Kree.

3. The power of the middle-America Even Angie admitted that she knew she was going to advance and she was surprised that her Idol days are over. Nothing could she have done any better when the power of the middle-America vote prevails on Idol. And it did on the make-or-break-episode 35 on American Idol when Angie was sent home. Angie has the strong stage presence, the good looks, the extra talent with the piano and the real artist in her as opposed to Kree Harrison. But nothing could prepare her when America decides the girl with the curls and big smiles from Beverly, Mass. is going home. Angie performed as she cried uncontrollably in her last song and this week, it could be Candice to follow suit if middle-America speaks louder than people from Glover’s state.

“This upset, absolutely the largest since Pia Toscano was cut loose early in Season 10, proves the power of the middle-America country vote,” The Star Ledger noted as cited in an earlier report on IBTimes-AU.

4. Idol’s Best Performances and the goosies Having started singing at church so young at age three, Kree Harrison has mastered to deliver performances that would certainly give you goose bumps. Her best performances on Idol, as noted by included songs that will leave viewers “holding their breaths as Kree was holding her notes” [with that Southern twang], adding that Kree has “the ability to give you that feeling that you are hearing her sing in a church while you are actually seated in your couch watching her on Tube.

Angie Miller may have the stronger stage presence than Kree Harrison, but the Idol finalist has proven with so much effort that she deserves the spot more than anything.

If viewers will remember her show-stopping performance of Grace Potter’s “Stars” and Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again,” then Kree is on her way to becoming America’s Next Idol.

5. “Family” Factor The Southeasterners have the strongest “family-ties” ever in the U.S. The state have the insurmountable and undefeatable concept of family that no other states in the whole of American has. The emphasized that family ties didn’t mean immediate members of the family like Kree’s relatives. People from the Southeast have such an overwhelming sense of regional identity that no vocal powers can save Candice should they decide to have Kree earn the title of the Next American Idol. This factor alone, can surely help Kree nab the Season 12 winner of American Idol.

What do you think Idol loyalists? Who will be the next American Idol?

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