American Idol 2013 Top 2: 16 Things to Know about Finalist Candice Glover [PHOTOS]


American Idol 2013 Top 2 proves the third time's a charm for Candice Glover. It is possible, too, that her two previous failed Idol auditions helped Candice hone her vocals and stage commanding chops. Here are '10 Things to Know' about Idol 12 finalist Candice Glover.

American Idol 2013 Top 2: 10 Things to Know about Candice Glover

16. Candice told Us Magazine she yawns when she's nervous.

15. Canadian pop artist Drake, who visited Candice on Idol, is the star of the only major concert Candice has ever been to.

14. Once forced to choose between choir and drama, Candice went with drama. She was in the 6th grade.

13. Candice's favorite music artist is Jazmine Sullivan. (But she does seem in-love with Drake.)

12. Candice is a fan of the purple shade.

11. American Idol Season 9 saw Candice Glover's first audition. She did not get some screen time.

10. After skipping Idol Season 10, Candice auditioned again last year on American Idol 2012.

9. DeAndre Brackensick and Idol 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez were Candice's Hollywood groupmates. She was eliminated after the Group Rounds, while the two went on up to the Live Rounds.

8. Candice was on the Bottom 2 during the first week of the Idol 12 Top 4. Amber Holcomb joined her in the bottom, but no one was eliminated, thanks to the unused "Save" of the Idol judges.

7. Candice is expected to sing Adele's "Chasing Pavements" on Thursday's finale on Fox. The song is reportedly show runner Simon Fuller's choice for the aspiring diva. She will also perform "I (Who Have Nothing)" by Ben E. King for the "Favorite Performance" round. Candice first delivered the song during Top 10 Week.

6. During Top 10 Week of American Idol 2013, host Ryan Seacrest announced Candice is joined by Angie Miller and Kree Harrison on the Top 3 Voters' Favorites. (Apparently, voters have been generally consistent up to Top 3 Week.)

5. Only Candice Glover has received some on-stage glitter sparkle from Mariah Carey. (Idol 12 Top 6 Week, with an Adele-inspired cover of The Cure's "Lovesong.")

4. Here is the link to some of Candice's best performances on American Idol 2013.

3. Candice claims to be a perfectionist. She said in an interview she didn't like any of her numbers during Top 3 night.

2. Candice told she thought Angie Miller would win Idol Season 12.

1. Former AI judge Simon Cowell said on Idol Season 9 Candice couldn't be more than just a lounge singer.

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