American Idol 2013: Things to Know About Top 2 Finalist, Kree Harrison's Early Years Before Her 'Idol' Journey [PHOTOS]

What To Know About ‘Idol’ Top 2 Finalist Kree Harrison Before She Began her Journey on American Idol


Kree Harrison has continued to suffer the blow of having successfully advanced to the Top Final 2 on American Idol 2013 and the irony of her silent self-victory is yet to sink in to millions of Idol viewers, even to herself.

She was regarded as the least deserving contestant on Top Final 3 of Idol Season 12, let alone for being on Top 2, and enjoy the rigorous battle of earning the title as the world’s next American Idol.

People are more disappointed to see her advance than seeing Angie Miller go home - - the 19-year-old hopeful from Beverly, Mass. who had always impressed the judges, the audience and the world with her real artistry and genuine talent.

But enough of Angie. The girl with the big smiles has no choice but move on and make some music that even judges and viewers know she will make good at of - -“great” at. It is now time to start looking forward and admit that Kree is facing Candice Glover in the Top Final Battle on American Idol 2013. Kree is holding the mike at the Nokia Theater and Angie is just on the sidelight, performing on the Finale (ooops! Spoiler alert!).

Let us get to know Kree Harrison and find out what she has, who she was before landing on the coveted Top 2 Finalist on Idol and what does it take for her to win and become America’s Next American Idol.

Kree Anette Harrison, as her real name, is 23 year’s old and she was born on May 17, 1990 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Port Arthur, Texas. Read on to find out more about Kree. Here are the top ten things you may want to know about Kree Harrison, Top 2 Finalist on American Idol 2013.

Kree Harrison’s Early Years 1. First Performance Kree Harrison started young like most of the artists ever known. In Kree’s case, she was just three (3) year’s old. But it should be pointed out that at such a young age, Kree knew what she wanted. Apparently, Kree asked her church pastor if she could sing. The pastor noted that he was expecting to hear Kree sing other than what she delivered but she was happy about it. "I was expecting Jesus Loves Me, but she belted out El Shaddai by Amy Grant. I knew then this child had a special gift," the pastor said.

2. Timeline of her early performances at a young age. Her performances at the church was the beginning of Kree’s series of presence on stage and she delivered. While other kids her age play barbie dolls, she was holding the microphone and she was entertaining people.

At age 8: Kree opened for R&B performer Percy Sledge At age 9: Kree received her first award. At age 10: Kree appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show and had become a returning TV guest since then.

3. First record deal Kree’s interest in music at such a young age have caught the attention of some management companies and record labels. She was only ten (10) when she signed her first record deal with Lyric Street Records but discontinued the contract with the company after seeing that its vision was not on the same page as hers.

"They very quickly started talking about a Disney sitcom to launch a pop singing career for me. Suddenly I was singing music that wasn't the sound I wanted to make, which was traditional country," Kree claimed.

4. Awards received Her first award to date was “Artist of the Year,” given to her by the Kirbyville Playhouse. She was just nine (9) back then. Kree nabbed the second place in the New York Apollo competition held at Houston, Texas.

5. Personal tragedies that hinder her singing career. While she was still figuring out if she could be what her record company was aiming her to be, her first personal tragedy struck that had resulted in Kree’s decision to put her singing career on hold. Her father died in a plane crash when she was only 12.

After a year of mourning for the death of her father, Kree wanted to focus on her singing career again. Kree decided to go back to her roots and return to Nasville with her sister at 13. She then signed on to another records company, Chrysalis Records through Trey Bruce. She has been working for her publishing deal when she was hit by another family tragedy - -the death of her mother. She was only 19 when her mother was killed in a car accidenThen, at 19, she was once again hit with the bad news that her mother had been killed in a car accident. The pain of loss has resulted in Harrison’s deal with Chrysalis to fold, momentarily.

Her journey on Idol began four years later. And her singing career began to soar as she auditioned and made her way to American Idol 2013, Season 12 Top 2 Finalist.

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