American Idol 2013 Spoiler!: Themes for Top 5 Leaked! Are Idols Singing Divas? [PHOTOS]

What Should the All-Girls Top Five Sing on Vote Night


No member of the all-girl Top 5 for this week’s episode of the ‘American Idol’ had braved to spill the beans and confirm the two songs they will perform on vote night. But the themes have apparently been leaked, taking the world wide wed by storm and killing the hush-hush producers had attempted for the ladies performance. And if the rumors are true, the girls are singing “Divas” and the “Songs from the Year You Were Born.”

 Here are the suggested songs for Top 5 to sing on vote night.

Theme: “DIVAS”

Janelle Arthur: “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton Since Dolly Parton is one of Janelle’s Idols, it is just fitting that she sings one of the veteran singer’s hit song. She could also sing a Jolene but since the song has been sung a lot recently, it may not do Janelle any good.

Candice Glover: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Nothing could be more perfect for Candice than Respect by Aretha Franklin. The song could actually do some good for Candice to face Angie on Top 5 episode.

Kree Harrison: “Fancy” by Reba McIntyre. There’s a big chance that Kree will not need the save-vote by the judges to stay in the game if she sings “Fancy” by McIntyre. But Kree should not limit herself to a Reba-song. Since Kree is looking up to Patsy Cline as her influence in music, the Idol contender can consider doing “Maybe Crazy” or “Walking After Midnight.

Amber Holcomb: “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion. Amber can surely make Celine’s hit song, “Because You Loved Me” her own. With the quality of her voice, it will be just a piece for Amber and she can deliver effortlessly like no other in the game. The fact that she likes Celine as one of her Idols could make it even easier for her.

Angie Miller: “Listen” by Beyonce She sang a Beyonce song on the first night in Hollywood and there’s no doubt that Angie could do great in another song by her Idol. It’s an open secret that the Idol frontrunner loves Beyonce and she had killed all Beyonce songs she performed on the reality show. This week is no different. And this is the moment that Angie should really have and she must outshine her last performance using a piano and white bird on the background she used to wow the audience last week.


Janelle Arthur : "The End of Innocence" 1989 Nothing could go wrong if Janelle choose “The End of Innocence” by Don Henley for her second song during Top 5 vote night. This could even be more perfect if she accompanied her rendition with her guitar and kill it with her skills on strings.

Candice Glover : "Miss You Like Crazy" 1989 Like Janelle, Candice was born in 1989. If you want to experience another goosies with her powerful voice, you may want to hear her sing “Miss You Like Crazy” by Natalie Cole. The song could probably reveal a tender side of Candice.

Kree Harrison: "Nothing Compares to You" 1990 Would Idols love to hear Kree sing “Nothing Compares to You” by Sinead O’Connor. This could allow Kree to shake things up a bit after she was described by Jimmy Lovine as “getting boring.” If Kree risks this, she could likely have one of the top moments on Idol.

Amber Holcomb : "Without You/Never Forget" 1994 No one would really take it against Amber if she takes on Mariah Carey’s hit song in 1994, “Without You/Never Forget.” Would it be ethical? Notwithstanding what Mariah would say, it sure will do her good. Amber should not let this opportunity pass and risk singing an Idol judge’s song.

Angie Miller : "Again" 1994 If Amber should take on Mariah, Angie maybe should risk making “Again” her own. The song by Janet Jackson could be Angie’s moment, too. If she had brought out the sadness in a Beatles’ song a couple of weeks back, expect Angie to kill the song with the perfect emotions she could connect to the audience. There’s no doubt she could kill this song, again. A use of piano is not so bad, either.

Do you agree with the list of songs suggested for the five ladies for Idol’s Top 5 this week? Tell us what you think!

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