American Idol 2013 Spoiler!: Angie Miller’s “Coolest Moments” During Hometown Visit for 'Idol' Top Final 3 [WATCH VIDEOS]

What Did Angie Miller Do During Her Hometown Visit in Beverly, Massachusetts?


 What was the first thing Angie Miller did during her Idol Hometown Visit to Beverly, Massachusetts? What else did she? How many supporters came to see her? Did anybody show up? Read on to find out what to expect to see on American Idol Top Final 3, featuring Angie Miller as one of the last three ladies standing on Season 12 of American Idol.

Angie Miller has always feared “Idol urban legend” that no one would ever show up for an Idol contestant’s hometown visit on Top Final three.

“Everything, oh my Gosh, it’s so weird thinking like “This is your hometown. Oh, no one will show up.” But then you always hear in the past, “Oh, no one’s going to show up,” and then there’s like, thousands of people. I don’t know, I just like, I know I’d cry. I’d be like, “What the heck? Oh my Gosh,” Angie Miller said in an interview with Wetpaint when asked “what would hometown visit with her,” during the first Top Final Four in late April 2013.

But unlike her fears, an estimated 20,000 hometown supporters showed up to see her perform some of her great choices. Scheduled to be aired at this week’s episode on Idol, Angie Miller sure had a great time to be with her family, friends and supporters.

And what was the first thing she did after she stepped foot on her hometown after her great journey on Idol?

According to Wetpaint, Angie’s first appearance after flying in to Boston was newscasting a weather report on Fox 25 local studio. “I got off the plane and felt the cold weather and I was like, ‘Yep! Definitely back in Boston,” Angie was quoted as telling People magazine, said Wetpaint.

After her first official public appearance on television, it was time to meet her hometown supporters. “She rode in style,” described Wetpaint. From City Hall to Beverly High School, where she graduated last year, Angie Miller took the great ride of her life with great anticipation to meet familiar faces, in a white Mustang convertible along a 1.3-mile strip parade.

Salem News: “Fans stood on rooftops, clamored atop cars, climbed stepladders and leaned out windows to get a glimpse of Miller as she rode...”

Taking the ride has also allowed Angie to go down the memory lane.

“I remember being in high school and having terrible problems with my confidence and thinking I wasn’t good enough,” Angie said as she recaled what it was like home before Idol. “I want people to know that confidence is such a big thing and that you can accomplish your dreams. ... Just a year ago, I wasn’t even the lead in the musical (at Beverly High). I wasn’t even popular.”

Seeing the crowd, Angie was loss with words but managed to say: “I can’t believe this,” Angie exclaimed with such amazement at seeing the crowd, before adding, “I’ve been in the ‘American Idol’ bubble. I didn’t even know what to expect. I’m so overwhelmed. I feel like this is home.”

And what was her coolest moment during her hometown visit?

She surmised: “I was home — but there were 200 people outside of my house waiting for me to walk out. It was a different atmosphere, and my family and I realized, ‘Wow, I'm at home but it's never going to be the same.’”

At the concert, Angie did not disappoint with her song choices for the hometown visit. These included “You Set Me Free,” “Titanium,” “Home,” and some more.

SCROLL down to see VIDEOS of her performances during her hometown visit at Beverly, Massachussetts. More videos can be found here. START the SLIDESHOW for more of Angie’s photos.

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