American Idol 2013 Spoiler ALERT! The Top 3 Idols Song List on Week Nine for the Final Two Battle [PHOTOS]


Things are a bit heavier on the Top 3 Final episode on American Idol 2013. Everyone wants all the three remaining ladies to advance to the Final Two before the final showdown. But one has to go this week and they have the following list of songs to convince millions of Idol followers that each of them is the next American Idol!

And America has nine songs to base their votes on as the three ladies are expected to sing three songs each for “hometown visits’ week” for week nine on Season 12 of American Idol.

Here’s the list of the songs of the Top Final three on Idol 2013 collected by Mstarz, citing the report by Idol Pad.

Angie Miller: "Maybe" by Emile Sandé "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" by Elton John "Try" by Pink

Candice Glover "Next To Me" by Emile Sandé "One" by U2 & Mary J. Blige "Somewhere" by Reri Grist/Barbra Stresiand

Kree Harrison "Perfect" by Pink "Better Dig Two" by The Band Perry "Here Comes Goodbye" by Chris Sligh/Rascal Flatts

Even if Angie seems to keep her footing with her solid fanbase and her strong presence on stage with her good looks and extra talents, no one can be really sure on Idol. She has been slapped big time with her cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Being pointed out as a performance with nothing but “bland” and “lackluster” is not a good thing, especially if you are on the final weeks on Idol.

Fans may have forgotten the goosies Angie has given everyone with her performance of “You Set Me Free” and they will only remember her one big mistake on Rihanna’s hit song.

Candice continues her winning streak. But she has to keep it up and make it real big and great impression to oudo Angie and what she has had to offer on Idol. Kree for her part, has always been a nice contender. With her sweet looks and powerful country songs, Kree remains as Angie and Candice’s big threat.

The three finalists had come to their respective hometowns for this week episode. All had an amazing time and felt the warm welcome bestowed upon them as they were greeted with love by their townsfolk supporters.

Who do you think will advance on the final two? Tell us what you think. Send in your feedback. Share your thoughts and leave comments below.

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