American Idol 2013 Spoiler Alert!: Angie Miller Spills the Beans, Next 'Idol' to Release Album Six Weeks After Finale [PHOTOS]

American Idol Frontrunner, Angie Miller Confirmed that the Next 'Idol' Winner Will Release Album Six Weeks After Finale


American Idol wants to “strike while the iron is hot!” as producers indeed plan to release album of the next American Idol in the next six weeks. This means that the Season 12 'Idol' winner has barely found her new title and six weeks in after winning, her first single will be on air as frontrunner Angie Miller revealed in an exclusive interview.

During the rehearsals this week, Wetpaint was able to sit down in an exclusive interview with Angie Miller and the original frontrunner of American Idol Season 12 has confirmed what IBTimes-Au reported last week, that the four finalists have already been working on their winning song and the next American Idol album will be all over the charts six weeks after the show’s finale.

While the fearless teen admitted yearning” for silence at the end of the day,” she told Wetpaint that she is “ready to go,” noting that she’s more than excited to start the tours, recording albums [winner or not] and to be on the road and have fun with her music.

“ ... unfortunately, when we get back from all the Idol stuff, we just like relax or just do chill stuff. Eat, relax,” Angie Miller was quoted as saying in the exclusive interview with Wetpaint, adding, "Oh my gosh, yeah. When this show’s over, I want to get to it. I want to start doing the album, do some of those songs on tour, definitely.”

Angie admitted fear that she may not be able to deliver what was expected of her, now with the rising popularity not only in her hometown but to her followers worldwide. American Idol remains to be one of the most popular television reality show despite the ratings.

 Angie Miller said, “... whoever wins this competition is going to have to come out with an album in six weeks, and that means, we’re not really going to be able to write all the songs on the album because we just won’t have the time. So it’s kind of scary that we’ll have to take writer’s songs. It’s like, what if you don’t like their songs, so I’m definitely nervous about that. But I really trust and love the people at 19 Entertainment, so I know that they’ll get good songs from good writers.”

The 'Idol' Top 4 finalist also gushed over the three ladies she is competing with for the coveted 'Idol' title as Angie noted: “An amazing core four, I love these girls. We really, honestly, get along so well.”

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