American Idol 2013: Shocking, Surprising Twists that Blow Away the “Voices” of Top 4 Idols from their Elimination Seats! [PHOTOS]

The Shocking Twist on Idol Played on Top 4 Finals of Season 12 of American Idol

  on April 26 2013 4:00 PM

There are two major shocking twists played on Season 12 of American Idol on its Top 4 final performance this week. Read on to find out what blew away the minds, and the voices of the last Idols from their eliminations seats!

There were no tears shed on the elimination night this week as the powerful Top 4 finalists were all saved. This week even allowed Angie Miller to redeem herself after more than a couple of rough performances since Top 7 final episode. But what was more intriguing was the “shocking twist” put in play at this week’s episode on Idol.

One is the use of judges’ save - - though it was not surprising at all. For weeks, the use of “judges save” has been an issue in itself. Idol at a glance would show that the judges save has never played and made an impact in previous seasons as it did on Season 12 of America’s popular reality TV show.

The judges’ powerful save is a twist in many dimension. First, it broke tradition of being used only until Top 5 of every season. Second, saving all powerful Top 4 finalists this week is one tweak that was never expected, since the save has been used to give immunity to only one Idol contestant in danger of getting booted out.

The Star Ledger – NJ.Com explained that the save was used this week to fill an extra week before the Idol Finale, earlier scheduled on May 15. And the “adjusment,” if you could call it that, was made for scheduling and income-generating scheme purposes.

The other twist is what Idol loyal viewers could call the major twist and Ryan Seacrest called, “Super Special Surprise Twist!” The second major twist played on Season 12 on American Idol is the manner by which the votes will be used in the elimination this week. Another dimension in this second major twist is that not only one Idol hopeful but TWO Idols are going home next week. And one real shocking dimension of this twist is that this week’s number of votes does not mean will go to waste as they will be added to the votes to be cast next week. The two ladies with the lowest number of votes go home.

Therefore, from hereon now, the last Idol four finalists have barely a week to make a mark and find ways to go on to the next stage, and could be the final one. They should be able to muster and choose the perfect songs for them that will convince America’s voters to choose them to stay.

This week’s performances had Angie Miller “snatches back top billing” and she sure redeem herself as Season 12s’ original frontrunner. She won the night according to a separate report by IBTimes-AU. Kree Harrison stays safe with her performance Monday night. The week had Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb as the clear bottom two and they both have to work doubly hard to gain some grounds and more votes to come their way for their continued stay.

Season 12, American Idol 2013 Top 4 finalists will all be back next week to sing for America’s votes.

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