‘American Idol’ 2013 Season 13: Ways To Help New Producer Per Blankens Bring Back ‘Idol’ to Its Glory Days - Part 1


American Idol no doubt, will always be remembered as the first program in the history of television that introduced the concept of reality TV and had popularized singing competitions like no other in the U.S. and around the globe.

Since day one of its inception in 2002, American Idol has brought a whole new level of viewership: from the audience participation, to the judges and making their thoughts count and to the drama, more intensified during live performances. American Idol has been a prototype of what a reality show is like. More reality competitions with related format mushroomed after American Idol. But there was nothing like American Idol - - until recently.

In recent years, American Idol has suffered tremendously with its ratings. And the poor ratings could very well be translated to poor program format. In other words, even loyal viewers choose to switch channels when they don’t like what they see on TV.

Producers decided to fire program managers for their failure to pump up the ratings. And under new leadership, it is hoped that ‘Idol’ will go back and revived to its glory days - - when there’s nothing like American Idol.

Here are the three concepts that will help Idol’s new executive producer, Per Blankens and other show’s honchos to revive Idol and make it America’s No. 1 television program once again:

1. Fans vs. Favorite With this concept, Idol producers should consider a new format - - one that involves old timer contestants and finalists and the new ones. One may think that this may not work but a close look at the format could do 'Idol' some good.

Don’t be afraid to get even more bored when new contestants face the old timers either ousted early in the show or just didn’t make it. Experience should not guarantee his or her win. Idol producer could incorporate new elements like being voted off by fellow contestants. Think of 'Survivor' format and find ways to incorporate it on 'American Idol.' It will work.

Bring back old faces and divide them as Fans vs Favorites - - this one will work too.

2. Use Guest Judge Some Australian reality shows like ‘Australian Got Talent’ have used this concept on its show and it’s a good move. Audience will sure get hooked if they expect to see new face, week in week out. They would want to know how the new celebrity will fare among others.

They would want to know if this new judge could upstage the permanent ones. Audience would want to see anything unexpected, which is likely to happen if you are to enjoin guest judge on the show. More drama and issues to talk about and people will talk about 'American Idol' like they did before and like they never did, recently.

3. Have More Theatrical Musical Performances and Make Songs Really Current Idol producers should learn from the recently concluded 2013 Tony Awards. Its opening number led by host Neil Patrick Harris has upped the level of a production number and showed how a production should really be like. Forget the cheesy production numbers often seen on Idol. They should showcase more drama, more theatrics. This way, the show could also serve as the perfect training ground in maximizing the potential of an 'Idol' hopeful and to making them more versatile with more talents than simply knowing how to sing.

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*Note the first two concepts enlisted in the article are based on ideas written on American Idol but IBTimes-AU reserves the right for the development of these concepts.

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