‘American Idol’ 2013 Season 13: Top Reasons Ryan Seacrest Wants Simon Cowell's Return on 'Idol'


There is no one like Simon Cowell. Ryan Seacrest has confirmed returning to American Idol 2014 and the popular longtime host has hinted wishes for the media mogul’s comeback on the show’s Season 13.

In an effort to drum up the ratings and to have a clean slate, the show’s top official honchos decided to sack Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj after the singers’ failure to help the show on Season 12 and for making everyone “uncomfortable” with their constant bickering.

Veteran judge Randy Jackson left Idol at the end of Season 12. While Randy’s departure was not as welcome as Mariah’s and Nicki, the head judge had a good run and he had left three more vacant seats for the judges. There’s still no news for Keith Urban’s return. There’s no news for him not returning on Idol either. But of all the three new judges for Season 12, Keith Urban was the only one that made sense. It’s highly likely that Keith is returning on Idol. But will Simon join Keith?

If you ask Ryan, Simon should be in one of the four judges’ seats.

“To have someone to spar with” Ryan has fans and critics call his connection with Simon a thing of a love-hate relationship. Everybody sure loved their banters. They hit each other like no one is on air and while they entertain the audience, these are characters and they help viewers and contestants build their characters in the process. The best part, they enjoy it.

‘To have a chance to spar with him again, on live national television, would be heaven. I would love it,’ Ryan said, according to metro.co.uk.

Having Simon Allows “faster-moving show” Simon is one “forthright” judge, even Demi Lovato observed it on ‘X-Factor USA.’ The singer earlier noted that she envies that of Simon but can’t see herself to do as he does. Only Simon can be as honest and brutal as he is, and his no-holds-barred character sure allows no dilly-dallies on the show.

As for Ryan, ‘I mean, look, when we had four it was fine. My opinion would be three,’ adding, ‘It makes for a faster moving show. Of course, they don’t really care what I think, but I think three would make for a faster moving show.’

But there sure has no certainty if Simon will listen to Ryan’s wishes to return on American Idol. Only one thing is certain, the show has new executive producer by the name of Per Blankens who has produced the show’s Swedish edition. ‘American Idol’ is sure shaking up its programming and format in its repeated efforts to go back to where it was - - America’s number one television both in terms of popularity and ratings.

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