American Idol 2013 Recap: Top 9 Filled Hearts with Beatles Classics

Top 9 of the Season 12 of the American Idol 2013 Sing Beatles on Vote Night


Is this Janelle Arthur’s week? Is Angie Miller still a top three favorite? Would Lazaro Arbos go home this week, especially after showing some tears when the judges failed to show kindness to the season’s underdog? Read on and find out how well the Top 9 American Idol 2013 contestants have performed this week?

Kree Harrison: "Little Help From My Friends" With her performance on Top 9 episode vote night, Kree has apparently shown she is “starting to believe in herself” noted judge Nicki Minaj. Her choice of song for the week with six background singer may have not registered well for the judges and the audience but it had made her to shine in the reality show, making her one of the top contenders on Idol - - a great threat for Angie Miller.

Burnell Taylor: "Let It Be"  Burnell may have made quite a bit of a mistake when he admitted not having heard of the Beatles song he chose for the week. The admission may not earn him some votes as this could downgrade his persona as an artist. No one wants an artist who doesn’t know his music, right? But with a “respectable performance, Burnell was able to redeem himself. Or did he? Even if the judges raved on his rendition of the song?

Amber Holcomb: "She's Leaving Home"  Amber may have received more nods when the much-appreciated vote of confidence was expressed by her mentor Jimmy Jovine. This was taken in for imaginative audience as Amber not leaving “Idol” this week. Her dramatic entrance with a fog and the use of violinists may have earned her some points that it dragged her song a bit. The Idol judges all gave her thumbs up. But Nicki Minaj hit her with her choice of lipstick?

Lazaro Arbos: "In My Life"  Is he going home this week? Lazaro has been popular among the judges and the fans until the last two episodes of the Idol. His choice of song didn’t struck some chords to the judges, who have not been very kind to him recently, especially on the Top 9 vote-night episode. They slapped the ‘tear-jerker from the key to mentor’s advice.’ Poor Lazaro that host Ryan Seacrest had to add insult to injury by pointing out to wipe away the tears. Well, that’ Ryan always going for theatrics and yes, ratings!

Candice Glover: "Come Together"  Her rendition of the song on vote night may save Candice this week when she belted one of the Beatles’ most popular songs. While it was described as ‘forced,’ the judges loved it and the crow went crazy. She will have a different fate from Lazaro this week.

Paul Jolley: "Eleanor Rigby (All the Lonely People)"  Nicki Minaj didn’t like his performance on Top 9 vote-night episode calling it “bland” and “forgettable.” But his theatrics may have helped viewers remember his rendition of his choice of song this week. In addition to his dramatic elements in his performance, Paul indeed, has a great voice. This could save him since female voters, who always speak with power, could go gaga with his natural gift.

Angie Miller: "Yesterday"  There’s no doubt that Angie is coming in Top 3 on elimination night, like she had last week. But her performance of Beatles’ popular song had shown a different side of Angie. The usual giddy and perky, smiling girl had given her whole new concept of sadness. And she did it right with her choice of song for this week. Angie continues to impress the judges with her vocals. And her choices of songs have continued to make Angie one of the consistent top contenders of American Idol 2013. Will she be named the next American Idol?

Devin Velez: "Long and Winding Road"  His performance of his choice on Top 9 vote night was “flawless.” The judges all agreed that it was a great show for Devin. He came out strong on the vote night, even could threaten any female contestant for the season. This season of the American Idol has been seen as a girl’s year, with Angie Miller as the top favorite. But Devin could change the game. If he continues to pull off what he did on Top 9 vote-night episode.

Janelle Arthur: "I Will"  Janelle earned the greatest respect from the judges this week when Idol judge veteran (who must know what he is talking about, really) Randy Jackson claimed that her rendition of her song of choice is by far “the greatest performance of the evening.” This not only assure Janelle that she is coming back next week. She also beat out Angie Miller who has been a top favorite. She could come out as the top 1 performer this week and for others to beat in next week’s elimination night. Her performance showed her “authentic country vocals” and she is the one to beat for this year’s American Idol Season 12.

This recap is inspired by the related article written by John Gonzales of MLive.

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