American Idol 2013 Recap: Top 6 Give the Best and Worst Performances in ‘Idol’ History

American Idol Season 12: It's all for the Ladies


The Top 6 episode on the American Idol gives “the best and worst performances” in ‘Idol’ history. This week’s performances in the two-themed Idol night brought out the best of some of the remaining hopefuls. It also allowed the season’s frontrunners to redeem themselves and prove that America is right to keep them there as such.

The week also allowed the underdog to shine and make their marks and the least talented to come out as they really are. Top 6 is one talent-revealing episode that marks one of the thought-provoking performances in Idol history.

Read on and check out how the Top 6 Idols found their way to all five ladies standing!

The week’s theme: “Burt Acharach and Hal David Songbook and “Song I wish I had written”

Angie Miller

First Song - "Anyone Who Had a Heart" :The Idol frontrunner started the night with her great rendition of “Anyone Who Had a Heart.” Her first performance for the evening showed that Angie is indeed one of the best vocals of the season. The Michigan Daily noted however, that her first performance did not do her so much good. But Angie redeemed herself in her second song.

Second Song - "Love Came Down": Performing “Love Came Down” by Kari Jobe, Angie made a great impression with a white piano, and giant white birds flashed on screens. It was one performance that will remain in everyone hearts for years to come. Though it is considered a “classic Idol move,” it worked for Angie and it heightened her strength in the singing contest. Judge Randy noted that Angie “seemed to just feel it more behind the piano.” And she did.

Amber Holcomb

First Song - "I Say A Little Prayer" :  Amber’s vocals was “near-flawless” with her performance of “I Say A Little Prayer.” The night showed Amber with confidence she was never seen before. Amber certainly felt relevant with her rendition of her song choice for the evening, appearing in denim pants suit. The arrangement that sounded more like a cabaret song did Amber real good. The Michigan Daily said that the judges has however, overpraised” Amber’s performance.

Second Song - "Love on Top" : Singing Beyonce’s “Love On Top,” for her second song, Amber failed to deliver as much as she did on the first round. Her vocals was not as impressive as with her first song. Her looks was better, though. She sounded a bit shaky and off-key at many points of the song.

Lazaro Arbos First song - “Close to You”: The first song delivered by the embattled Cuban-American was by far, the worst performance of the evening, and for The Michigan Daily, Lazaro’s performance for the evening is the worst in the history of the finals of the “American Idol.” It was off-key and was delivered with no emotions. Lazaro appeared as if he had not prepared for the song and that he had not put any form of investment for the evening performance. He was as if singing on his own, not following the band for every key change. There was no word to describe his first performance. Judges were lost for words.

Mariah Carey : “What is the word, dahling, help me out Lord in Heaven.”

And Nicki’s silence, said it all.

Second song – “Angels” : As if there were angels beneath his wings for his second song for the evening, Lazaro performed better for the first. But this hasn’t changed his stand in the game for the evening alone. If his first performance was the worst performance in the history of the Idol finals, his second performance was the second worst performance on Idol finals. Nothing could get worse. Nicki Minaj again refused to say something. She did something right, for once in weeks.

Kree Harrison First song – “What The World Needs Now” : Have the judges overpraised her for her first song of the evening? Like they did with Amber? Kree’s first song was delivered in a capella. It was good but not that good as it sounded to be in just one note. She failed to outdo Amber but she certainly was better than Arbos.

Her second did Kree real good. Her rendition of “Help Me Make It Through The Night” was far better than her first, for sure. It was delivered in such “contained and classy” manner that no one could have done any better. But while she appeared to have sung effortlessly for her second song, Kree may have overdone it as she forgot to connect her emotion to the audience. It was still good. She was safe for the evening.

Janelle Arthur First song – “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” : Janelle was much better to watch than Kree with her first song. Her cabaret performance allowed her to look her best and she has continued to look better than last, week in, week out. What makes her more adorable as she owns the stage with her first performance was her infectious smile. But did the theme suit her?

Second song - "The Dance" : Her second song, “The Dance” was simply on a par with her first song. It wasn’t her best vocal but she was safe for the evening. An interesting note by The Michigan Daily said that Kree and Janelle could make a perfect combination as when combined, they will make a “Carrie Underwood.” Interesting.

Candice Glover First song: “Dont Make Me Over”: Candice Glover shined this week. This is Candice’s week. Her night. It was all Candice as she delivered a show-stopping performance with her first song for the evening. Ever felt that goosebump as you watch a real performance? Only Candice gave Idol loyals the rare goosies for the evening.

And what the judges said? Nicki Minaj said Candice “made [her] feel like [she] wanted a women’s revival up in here.”

Second song: “Love Song” by The Cure: Oh Candice, Candice Candice. You just won the night with your Adele’s version of “Love Song.” Candice killed it and she proved that she was the girl to watch out for. Her second song is by far the only one that gives the audience that “true Idol moment.” Her performance gave the audience a look at how powerful her vocals are and how well she could be as an artist.

And what the judges said? Their actions described their take way better than thousand words: Keith Urban bowed down. Mariah sauntered on stage and made the theatrical move to throw glitter onto Candice. Angie Miller has found her nemesis in the game.

Who was cut: Lazaro Arbos

It’s all for the ladies! Keith Urban was right. It’s a girl’s year for American Idol Season 12.

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