American Idol 2013: Lazaro Arbos Expected to Stay Longer as 'Idol' Needs him for the Ratings? [PHOTOS]

Lazaro Arbos Likely to Stay a Little Longer on American Idol 2013


There’s no doubt that Lazaro Arbos has touched the millions of Americans for continuously beating the odds on one of U.S. still top popular television shows– albeit low ratings. But more conspiracy theories have emerged on the web as to exactly why he continues to stay on American Idol 2013. Is it primarily because “Idol” needs him more than he does need the reality show?

Lazaro has continued to surprise millions of Idol viewers as much as himself as he continuously defies critics and stays on Idol even if the Cuban-American Idol hopeful is clearly not the strongest contender at this point of the game. Arbos was even declared as among the top three contestants saved for the Top 6 elimination last week.

The Examiner described him as “the least talented” contestant for Idol. But people love him. Lazaro represents someone who in the old days could not have even made it on the first stage of the reality singing contest. But he did. His speech handicap has added to the drama that Idol has recently added on its elements to attract more audience and drum up ratings.

Lazaro must have forgotten the lyrics two weeks in a row but the supporters who continued to root for him love him all the more. A group called Vote for The Worst, described as the site to court “the last man standing.”

“Now that [all male contestants] has [been] eliminated,all the other boys, its Lazaro and the VFTW against the girls. And I like our chances because if there’s one thing we’ve learned this season, [then] it’s that remembering lyrics is WAY overrated,” a statement from the site was quoted as saying by the

And literally, Arbos is the last man standing. And it is highly likely that he is staying even quite longer than two or three of the stronger female contestants. It will not be a surprise is Arbos stays until Top 3, even Top 3. Even if he continues to forget lyrics in the many weeks of vote nights to come. Arbos is staying because American Idol needs him.

American Idol has continued to go low in its rating, even recording its all-time low in terms of ratings last week. The vote night episode Wednesday last week recorded only 11 million viewers for Idol, according to reports.

The low ratings could result from a number of many things. And this includes attribution to how have Nicki Minaj become on the show.

“I can’t watch my favorite show any more... her arrogance, ignorance, stupid comments that have NOTHING to do with constructive criticism, and the lack of respect that brat displays every week. What a bad choice to replace Jennifer Lopez,” a fan named Robert Dean said, according to

A slew of complaints have been thrown at Minaj including her tardiness on the show. But Minaj could be the tip of the iceberg as to the continuous drop of Idol ratings and Arbos is seen to save the game.

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