'American Idol' 2013: Judge Nicki Minaj Working with Kate Upton in her Acting Debut in ‘The Other Woman’ [PHOTOS]


 Former American Idol judge Nicki Minaj has found herself working with another voluptuous beauty in Kate Upton as she hits the big screen for her acting debut in romantic-comedy film, ‘The Other Woman.’

Revealing her qualms about her first film ever, Minaj spoke up about the new comedy film by Nick Cassavete, the man behind the hit film, ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Alpha Dog.’

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I can't blow this," Minaj said in her confession to to Marie Claire, said Rolling Stones.

Minaj is set to appear on the cover of Marie Claire and the magazine talked to the controversial, often seen in her loud self in more ways than one for its August 2013 issue.

The Trinidadian-born American rapper and singer spoke about her role in the new film and her toned-down look for the project. She also talked about being single and how things went for her on ‘American Idol.’ Known for her outlandish looks, Minaj surprised everyone when she shared she “felt more comfortable with less."

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As if trying to explain how things went (if not down) on Idol, the “Super Bass” hit singer said the perception of people about her takes a 360-degree turn as soon as she sat down on Idol judge seat.

"The perception people had of me completely changed because there are no cue cards, there's no script. . . . it was 'Let's see your real personality.'"

The rapper, often made headlines in Season 12 of American Idol when caught on camera getting annoyed with fellow judges, especially Mariah Carey.

Underscoring she had no regrets whatsoever, on her one-season stint on America’s most popular show -- despite the plummeting the ratings - - Nicki claimed she knew what she wanted and how she wanted to contribute to the show since Day 1.

"My core is a genuine human being who roots for other people," she said, noted Rolling Stones.

I didn't want to blow smoke up their ass. I wanted every contestant to leave with something that they could remember."

But Nicki Minaj will always be remembered as one Idol mentor who had tried so hard to be annoying and in conflict with fellow judges. Reports in the last part of the show attributed the low ratings to her behavior on Idol. Viewers reportedly switched channel not wanting to see and hear what she had to say and her open banters with Mariah, especially.

Now with Idol behind her, what are Nicki’s plans?

"I at least want to do three more albums. If I can do that, I'll feel complete...One day, when I start getting a couple gray hairs, maybe it will all be only acting," she declared, said CBS. "I just never know...I've kind of become the poster child for doing the things that no one expects."

Nicki appears in the August 2013 cover of Marie Claire expected to hit the stand soon. Her debut film, 'The Other Woman' is set to hit theaters in 2014. Other casts include Cameron Diaz and Game of Thrones, Jamie Lannister, Nikolaj Coster- Waldau.

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