American Idol 2013: Janelle Arthur Voted Off, Top Reasons Why She Wasn’t Saved by 'Idol' Judges [PHOTOS]

Why Janelle Arthur Was Voted Off on American Idol


Janelle Arthur’s elimination on the Top 5 finalists on American Idol 2013 was not entirely a big surprise. But landing on the bottom pile and without the judges’ one save on Idol has created more puzzles than her performance at this week’s vote night. Why was Janelle not saved?

The American Idol judges has just one vote to save a contestant. Nicki Minaj had wanted to use the save for Curtis Finch as early as Top 10 performance. But as a lone ranger as she was rooting for Finch, the judges’ save-vote had been shelved week after week. This week’s episode on Idol marks an Idol history as it showcased top five girls in nine years. And the drama to have all-girl power in the top final five was cut short with Janelle’s elimination.

Why wasn’t Janelle saved?

At this week’s episode of Idol Season 12, Janelle performed Vince Gill’s When I Call Your Name and Dolly Parton’s Dumb Blonde. Both performances did not do her really good.

With her rendition of When I Call Your Name by Vince Gill, Janelle Arthur delivered an even lower key performance, simple yet controlled and contained. It was on okay performance. You knew it was Janelle up on stage as she sang the country song. But It was not as stellar nor an Idol moment like the top three contenders this week - - Candice, Kree and Angie.

Janelle tried to hang on to the show with her rendition of You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” But her performance wasn’t enough. Janelle was cut. She was not saved.

For whatever its worth, not all the judges were willing to send her home. Randy Jackson took the painful job of giving her the news that no unanimous decision was reached. Janelle had to go.

"There's two for and two not for, so unfortunately, baby, it's not unanimous. We're not gonna use it," Randy said, according to MTV, " adding that Janelle was so much-loved by America when he said, "We love you, though. We love-love you. Thank you."

Idol mentor, Jimmy Iovine was too straightforward to say that Janelle was sent home as she was the case of “right diva, wrong song.”

As if sensing that Janelle was in trouble, Nicki Minaj said, “You need to know you were great." Though this is not the first time for the Idol judge to offer some assuring words, Minaj also pointed out that getting eliminated at this point of the game, has “[nothing] to do with how far you can go in the real world."

With Janelle’s elimination, the all-girl-power top Idol finalists leave Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb in a battle for Top 4 next on American Idol 2013, Season 12.

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