American Idol 2013: How to Vote Using Twitter as Contestants Perform Live [PHOTOS]

Audience Can Now Tweet their Votes as AI Contenders Sing Live

  on February 28 2013 5:18 PM

 The American Idol has done it again! At least in terms of enterprising and innovative ways of a more dynamic and interactive viewership for America’s once most-popular and highest-rated reality show on television. Producers now encourage viewers to cast their votes while their bets are still performing their chosen rendition.

Starting this week’s episode, Wednesday, the millions of viewers of the American Idol 2013 can now cast their votes for their top favorite performers; they are rooting to win as America’s next American Idol.

Known for its innovative ideas that strengthen audience participation on the show, the American Idol has encouraged live feedback while the contestants are performing on stage.

And this could be easy as pie.

Here are the ways to vote for your favorite Idols using Twitter:

  •  Watch out for AI Twitter hashtag on screen. Send in your votes based on the announcements flashed on your television monitors.
  • Answer questions as they are flashed on screen. Producers will be flashing shoutouts during every performance and they will be expecting answers with the question of the day. This could likely include, “Do you agree with the judges tonight?”
  • Don’t forget to use two hashtags before your comments, feedback and of course, your votes. Note that “words or phrases preceded by a # symbol” can make the producers and their technical people to easily find the comments posted by the viewers. No matter how different answers are for the posted questions, they would be easily traced with hashtags.

 Why have the producers of American Idol decided to add the Twitter feature this year?

An introduction of yet another “ online tug of war,” says the New York Times. With this feature, updating of the graphics could be readily be available on screen as the results come in.

The American Idol is working with its partner, FremantleMedia to achieve the goal of Fox’s show’s latest innovation.

 ‘The best possible experience is when you watch it live,” David Wertheimer, the president for digital for Fox Broadcasting said, as quoted by the New York Times.

“Ultimately,” he added, “you can see how this dynamic experience could potentially influence the show in real time.”

So, what are you waiting for. Log-in to your Twitter account as you watch your favorite television show. No account yet? You know what to do: sign up and don’t waste any more minute as the clock is ticking for the top contenders of this year’s American Idol.

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