American Idol 2013: How Angie Miller Brings Out True Sadness of the Beatles in “Yesterday” [VIDEO]

Angie Miller Shows a Different Part of Her as an Artists in Beatles' "Yesterday"


She was always giddy and perky and you see Angie Miller always wearing big smiles in her every performance on American Idol 2013. But her rendition of “Yesterday” on Top 9 vote-night episode of Idol Season 9 this week, is one that shows her versatility as an artist and one that defines Beatles’ “true sadness.”

Any artist performing an interpretation of any of the songs by Beatles is faced with a huge challenge to do it right: not over-singing it and not underperforming it. This is even tough for hopeful singers who want to make it big in the music industry. These include the outstanding Top 9 contenders of American Idol Season 12. And Angela Miller is no exception.

Angie Miller sings Beatles' "Yesterday"

The 18-year-old Idol finalist from Beverly, Massachusetts has kept her strong footing at this year’s Idol with her rendition of Beatles’ “Yesterday.” Always has been among the top three favorite, Angie has proven once again that she is one to beat this season with her own interpretation of one of Beatles’ most popular songs.

It was believable. It was felt. It represents the “true sadness of Beatles.” It was close to perfection.

The critics have spoken: “So much could have gone wrong with this song. It's one of the simplest of Beatles songs, and virtually everyone knows at least some of the words. The basic tune is simple and pretty -- you can't over-sing "Yesterday" like you can some songs. Restraint and sadness are the operative words.”

“There were a few show-off notes, but Angie kept them contained. Throughout the song, the sadness of loss was easily felt. Honestly, if you had never seen Angie Miller perform before tonight, you would never think of "perky" in connection to the singer,” Laurel Brown said in an article.

And the judges agreed. What did the judges think?

Keith Urban: “Yesterday” is my favorite Beatles song and for the night. Great interpretation!

Randy Jackson: "You pulled back and you held back and you emoted from your heart."

Mariah Carey: "You did a very respectful version of the song."

Nicki Minaj: "You could do anything with your voice. You are amazing!" Minaj gushed.

Do you agree with the judges? Tell us what you think.

Feel the sadness. WATCH the VIDEO.

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