American Idol 2013: Couple Who Stabbed Each Other for ‘Idol’ Declare Love as They Were Sentenced for Minor Assault [PHOTOS]

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Only on American Idol! Remember the Pennsylvania couple who stabbed each other while arguing who between Candice Glover and Kree Harrison should be named Season 12 winner?

Barely four months after attacking each other with knives during the argument on Idol finale in May 2013, the couple has found themselves declaring love for each other as the court released the ruling over the incident.

Citing the report by York Dispatch, said that couple, Karen Elaine Harrelson and Gregory L. Stambaugh “pleaded guilty for simple assault” and the good news is, they are no longer serving any time in jail. The court ruling indicated Harrelson, 48, was sentenced to the time that she had already served in jail, while her husband, Stambaugh, 57 will also not spend another hour behind bars and got two years probation instead.

And an even better news is, the incident has apparently brought the couple “a lot closer together.”

"They truly love each other ... and they can't live without each other," Stambaugh's defense attorney Mike Fenton was quoted as telling the newspaper, said "All I can say is, I wish them the best of luck."

But the prosecutor for York County, Alex Hallman pointed out that the court order is still in place in hopes to prevent the couple from hurting each other in any “ threatening, abusive or harassing contact."

It will be recalled that following the Season 12 finale of American Idol, the couple reportedly had too many glasses to drink and these resulted in a drunken argument when they found themselves not in one page who should be the next Idol.

The stabbing incident transpired one day before the final results was announced with Candice Miller nabbing the title, as noted in a separate report by IBTimes-AU.

Investigators said back then that one of them was reported to have got up from the couch, went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed the other. The first victim then retaliated by stabbing (the first stabber) after successfully wrestling to steal the knife. The couple, who are now both held in York County Prison, deny stabbing incidents and claim, they were just being playful and were “simply engaging in knifeplay.”

Police reports noted that both sustained minor injuries following the incident: Stambaugh with puncture on his forearm and Harrelson with scratches on her fingers and laceration on top of her wrist. They remain in police custody after being charged with aggravated and simple assault. The couple apparently hasn’t hired an attorney to help them argue their case.

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After four months of hearing the case, the York County decided that the stabbing incident was “more about the inebriation" than an argument over the singing ability of the show’s contestants - - in this case, Candice vs Kree.

Four months they had to iron out their differences. Let’s just hope that the sales both Candice and Kree had during their first week after their first singles were released would speak for itself and will help the couple decide if indeed, it was “more of inebriation.”

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