American Idol 2013: Candice Glover vs. Angie Miller, Who Will Win the ‘Idol’ Season 12? [PHOTOS]

Candice Glover and Angie Miller Seen as the Top Two Frontrunners on American Idol 2013 Season 12


Move over Angie Miller, here comes Candice Glover! Based on the Top 5 results, predictions of who could be America’s next Idol have been making a buzz and Candice Glover and Angie Miller are among the Idol frontrunners who could win the game. Angie was a strong favorite from Hollywood days and up until Top 7 finals. But does she still have what it takes to be the American Idol 2013 winner? Or could Candice steal the microphone from her?

Angie Miller has been suffering a lot of rough moments on American Idol. Rough it is if you would look back to Angie’s performances and presence on Idol stage weeks ago. She was the strongest Idol contender since Hollywood days, and she had remained the number one frontrunner for Idol until the last couple of weeks.

The 18-year-old hopeful from Beverly, Massachusetts, had always shined week after week with her song choice and her connection to the audience. She brought out the sadness in Beatles with her rendition of “Yesterday” on Beatles week, like no other. Angie also made impressed in Jessie J’s “Nobody is Perfect” (Las Vegas round) to Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone” (Top 20 for women) to Beyonce’s “I was Here” (her “victory song” to Top 10), among others.

But she has had rough moments in recent weeks. Her vocals have remained strong, and you know it’s Angie when you hear her on stage. Then came Candice Glover.

No one has ever suspected that the low-key, unassuming, “always has been the 3rd and 4th place winner on Idol” would shine like Candice has. She gave America goosies with her song choices on Top 6 episode on Idol 2013 as she performed “Don't Make Me over” and “Love Song” by The Cure.

Her Top 6 performance had even prompted Mariah to get up from her Idol judge seat and showered her with confetti glitters. It was a real Idol moment and Candice stayed on top on Top 5 performance last week as she continued to shine with solid performances.

Will Candice continue to reign on Idol Season 12? Can Angie still redeem herself?

Scroll down and check out the Top 5 Performances of Candice Glover and Angie Miller. START the SLIDESHOW for more photos.

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