American Idol 2013: Best Auditions in 3 Weeks of Pre-Hollywood Episodes [VIDEOS]

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American Idol 2013 (Season 12) may have lost a lot of its magic since the first season. After Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, no Idol champ has really reached remarkable peaks in the industry. But there's still hope viewers could witness the coming out of yet another big name in music.

American Idol 2013: Cristabel Clack’s American Idol Audition in San Antonio. (Image: Fox/American Idol)

Here are 7 of the best pre-Hollywood Idol auditions this season. American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were seen in three weeks of city audition episodes. This week (Wednesday and Thursday), they move on to Hollywood. As usual, only dozens of contestants got really decent airtime. But as history would have it, many of those few faces make it to live public-voting rounds.

7. VIDEO: Isabelle Parell's American Idol Audition (Chicago)

Hollywood could put on much pressure for this young teen. But if she gets lucky, the journey could be as light and breezy as her music and personality.

6. VIDEO: Burnell Taylor's American Idol Audition (New Orleans)


Burnell Taylor woke up to the new person he wants to be after the Katrina tragedy. He loved music and music loved him back. Keith Urban has a point though. He should "dress up for the occasion" in Hollywood.

5. VIDEO: Candice Glover's American Idol Audition (Charlotte)

Only Randy, JLo and Steven Tyler could explain why this amazing talent was sent home last year in Hollywood. (And why many lesser talents made it through.)

4. VIDEO: Kez Ban's American Idol Audition (Chicago)

Kez Ban is quirky, and she knows it. It would be great if she could skip the competition and start recording already. Perhaps the Idol exposure could help bring her music closer to a bigger, wider audience. Her talent could be bigger than many of those already seen on Idol.

3. VIDEO: Adam Sanders' American Idol Audition (San Antonio)

At some point, belting out could exhaust listeners. But here's one soul music fan who may be able to keep the balance in check.

2. VIDEO: Cristabel Clack's American Idol Audition (San Antonio)

Cristabel Clack is one of the oldest ones in the batch, but her vibrant presence does not show her age. She is easy on the eyes, and she sounds great.

1. VIDEO: Micah Johnson's American Idol Audition (Los Angeles)

Micah lost his tonsils, but not his courage. A tonsillectomy gone wrong resulted in a speech impediment, but nothing blocks him from dishing clearly beautiful melodies.

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