American Idol 2013 Auditions Recap: 10 Promising Contestants Likely to Survive Hollywood [VIDEOS]

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American Idol 2013 judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson are believed to be the reasons why the show got its lowest-ever premiere ratings. Now that the first part of Idol auditions is over, viewers hope that all the unnecessary bickering, weak reviews and abused clichés could stop.

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American Idol Auditions: Nate Tao in Oklahoma City (Image: Fox/American Idol)

Some 17.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the journey of another Kelly Clarkson or Phillip Phillips. Here is a quick recap of American Idol Season 12 city auditions. At least 10 of those who got decent airtime showed great potential.

American Idol Auditions: New York City

1. Ashlee Feliciano. Her family helps kids in difficult medical conditions. But she didn't get in because of their altruism. She got in because of her beautiful rendition of "Put Your Records On."

American Idol Auditions: Chicago

2. Kez Ban. She was enchanting when she performed an original composition called, "Wandering." She is one of the quirkier contestants, but the glass is half-full, she might make it through Hollywood.

3. Lazaro Arbos. He has been struggling with stuttering since he was 6, but boy, he can sing. He moved people with his version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

American Idol Auditions: Charlotte

4. Candice Glover. Only JLo, Steve Tyler, and Jackson could explain why they sent her home last year and let through a lot of less powerful vocals. Minaj said she'd like to "skin" and "wear" her. Glover could only hope it means she could get through Hollywood rounds this time.

American Idol Auditions: New Orleans

5. Burnell Taylor. His compelling take on "I'm Here" did a lot of funny things to Keith Urban and made Mariah Carey cry. Keith told him to dress for the occasion next time.

VIDEO: Burnell Taylor's American Idol Audition (Louisiana)


American Idol Auditions: San Antonio & Los Angeles

6. Cristabel Clack. She dished every note of "If I Ain't Got You" like a pro. The sparkle in her eyes registered very well on TV, too.

7. Jesaiah Baer. Unperturbed by the fire alarm that cut her audition on board the Queen Mary, this 16-year-old showed some funky vocal style with "Settle Down."

8. Micah Johnson. While undergoing tonsillectomy, Micah's surgeon accidentally hit a nerve, leaving him with speech impediment. But with "Chicken Fried," Micah inspired people to celebrate what they still have.

9. Rachel Hale. Randy says she's probably "the happiest" Idol hopeful they've ever encountered. Her vocal chops shone with "People Get Ready."

VIDEO: Cristabel Clack's American Idol Audition (San Antonio)

American Idol Auditions: Oklahoma City

10. Nate Tao. Both his parents are deaf, so he learned sign language early on to communicate with them. His "For Once in My Life" vibe brings to mind a little bit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "500 Days of Summer."If he continues to pick the right songs, this guy could make it through Hollywood.

Who gives stellar performance in Hollywood? Who falls apart? Viewers find out as Hollywood rounds begin this week on American Idol 2013.

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