American Idol 2013: Angie Miller Admits Even She was Surprised to be Eliminated from ‘Idol’ Top Final 3 [PHOTOS/VIDEO]


Angie Miller has revealed in a post-elimination interview that like millions of Idol viewers worldwide, she never suspected that she was in danger enough to go home on Top Final 3 episode on Season 12 of American Idol.

With no previous record to be on the bottom two despite some rough moments on Idol, Angie was confident that she was going to advance on Top Final 2 and Candice Glover sure have a more difficult finale showdown as critics claim there appears a more “lopsided” battle with Kree Harrison as contender, not Angie.

Polls show thatAngie Miller could likely be the winner and will be named the next American Idol. With her star power, strong stage presence, good looks, great vocals and good song choices throughout the competition, it was clear that Angie had what it takes to be the next female winner on Idol after almost a decade the show had a woman crowned the season’s No.1 title.

“I did feel confident in performances and everything honestly that I did. I was hoping and dreaming to be a part of that finale and I really wanted it,” Angie was quoted as saying in an interview after her emotional elimination on ‘Idol.’

Watching the video of the Top final 3 elimination results, it was clear that Angie wasn’t ready to go. The judges were equally stunned, with all of them at the panel visibly shaking their heads of astonishment. Angie was crying uncontrollably as she tried to go for her last final song on Idol. Kree Harrison, whom critics pointed out was the least deserving in the history of the Top Final 2 on Idol, was more ready to go than Angie, judging by her reaction when her friend was named to be sent home.

Angie was quick to recover after the announcement but not when she was singing her last song. In between lines of her final song, Angie was giving and getting hugs from family, friends and the judges.

And she has this to say for the final two contenders on American Idol Season 12: “They’re both incredible; it’ll be an amazing night” (referring to next week’s finale), adding some notes to the judges whom she said had brought her to the point of the game, though only until they could, “They all said, this is not over. You’re going to do incredible things.”

Millions of people feel the same way. They know Angie left the contest a winner!

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