'American Horror Story': Who'll Be back for Season Two?

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"American Horror Story" Season 2 is in the works and the real question is: Who's ready for more of Tate and Constance?

Jessica Lange and Evan Peters were truly remarkable in the first season of "American Horror Story" and it isn't much of a surprise if fans are screaming for more. Does this mean fans get to see more of the brooding and murderous, Tate Langon, and his estranged mother, Constance? No word on that however both stars did play coy in answering those questions.

"I don't know," shared Jessica Lange backstage at the Golden Globes. The actress won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series. When asked if she knew who else would be coming back for the second season, she coyly replied with "I have no idea."

With Jessica Lange's answer then maybe Evan Peters has an idea as to who's coming back for the second season. In an interview with E! Online, they managed to corner him at the pre-GG event for the "Art of Elysium" and ask Evan the exact same question: Who was coming back to the second season?

"No, we don't know anything. [Show creator Ryan Murphy]'s keeping it all secret. He hasn't said anything," shared Peters. Do the two main stars of the show really not know anything? Creator Ryan Murphy did answer a few questions but didn't exactly shed light on who would be coming back for the second season.

"Some of them will be coming back. There will be familiar faces and also some new faces," shared Murphy.

"The people that are coming back will be playing completely different characters, creatures, monsters, etc. [The Harmons] stories are done. People who are coming back will be playing entirely new characters." added the show's creator.

With the Harmons out of the picture, then this meas the Harmon Horror house is also out of the second season. Creator Ryan Murphy explains exactly that.

"What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house. The second season of the show will be a brand-new home or building to haunt," said Murphy. "Just like this year, every season of this show will have a beginning, middle and end. [The second season] won't be in L.A. It will obviously be in America, but in a completely different locale."

February is only a few weeks more so fans of "American Horror Story" should definitely be on their toes. Who knows, maybe Tate and Constance may be part of the second season after all?  Evan Peters says he was very much willing to be part of the comeback.

"I'm down to come back, definitely!" shared an excited Evan Peters.

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