‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Update Round-Up: Who Said What and What to Expect

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The Season 3 of "American Horror Story-Coven" featured witches and their strategies to out-fox, bond, their inner conflicts and ambitions, and their battle against the witch slayers. The season finale of Season 3 crowned a new supreme and sent the old, evil one to her personal hell. "American Horror Story" will return with a new story-line, as is the norm with this FX's horror series. The Miss Robichaux's Academy has been locked-up, paving the way to unlock a new set and a new story. The Season 4 will introduce new characters, with no link to the witches' academy.  

There is still some time before the cast and crew of "American Horror Story" start filming Season 4. The upcoming season will be set in two time periods, mainly 1950s and contemporary. Here is a round-up of Season 4, based on what Ryan Murphy, co-creator of "American Horror Story," costume designer, and actors have said about the new season.

For "American Horror Story" Season 4, Murphy had set the rumour-mil running even before Season 3 wrapped-up. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy had indicated that the new season will be set in 1950s, and had called it a "period piece." He was also quoted as saying, "If you look historically what happened in 1950, there's some more clues in that year."

However, after the wrap-up of Season 3, Murphy had said to Entertainment Weekly, the new season will be set in two periods, 1950s and contemporary.  He had said, "It's a combination of things. It's a combination of two time periods, with the main one being the 1950s."

The new season is set to retain the comic tone of Season 3, according to Murphy. Evan Peters, who played Kyle in Season 3, has confirmed this. He said to Vulture, "... they're continuing on with the lighter side of things." The actor, however, is not sure about his casting in the upcoming season.

Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange are returning for Season 4. Lange, however, has no plans to renew her contract for Season 5. She had said that Season 4 will be her last season for "American Horror Story."

For Season 4, Lange has started working on her German accent, as she will portray a character similar to Marlene Dietrich [1901 to 1992], the German-born American actress and actress. Murphy had said that Lange will not be in a lead role, but she will have a "great juicy part."

Paulson is not learning German, or practicing her German accent. She is learning a new skill for her upcoming role in Season 4. The actress said to Vulture that she is learning "a special skill. A very special skill."  

Murphy had said to Entertainment Weekly that they might pick New Orleans or Santa Fe for filming the new season. Lou Eyrich, costume designer of "American Horror Story," had said to Entertainment Weekly that the new season might be set in New Orleans, again.

According to rumours Eyrich had heard, "the next season of "American Horror Story" could start in June."

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