‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Update: New Supreme Learning New Special Skill for New Role

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The third chapter of "American Horror Story" recently concluded, with the crowning of a new Supreme. There is still some time for the cast and crew to start shooting for the fourth chapter of this FX-horror-supernatural thriller. However, Ryan Murphy, co-creator of "American Horror Story," has spilled enough spoilers to keep the speculation-mill up and running.

The new season of "American Horror Story" will be set in two time periods. Murphy said to Entertainment Weekly that the main time period is 1950s. Murphy has yet to decide the new season's tone, but it will have "comedic tone" just like Season 3.   

It is confirmed that Sarah Paulson is returning for Season 4. Since it is a new story-line, the new Supreme of Season 3 will be seen in a new role and not wearing the Supreme crown.  Paulson is acquiring new skills for this role. Talking about her role in the new season, Paulson said to Vulture that she is not working on her accent like Jessica Lange. It was previously reported that Lange is practising her German accent for her role in Season 4.

Paulson teased that she is working on something else. The actress said to Vulture that she is learning "a special skill. A very special skill." This skill might be related to circus. According to rumours, the setting for the new season is likely to be a circus. Murphy, however, has refused to confirm this rumour.     

In an interview to Huffington Post Canada, Murphy said that Lange will be playing "a Marlene Dietrich-type, which has always been one of her dreams."

Lange has said that the fourth season of "American Horror Story" will be her last season. Murphy, however, wants Lange to continue for more seasons. The co-creator already has an idea for Season 5. He said to Entertainment Weekly that Season 5 will be a "radically different idea" from previous seasons and it will "take a lot of playing."

"American Horror Story" Season 4 is expected to premiere sometime in October, 2014. Costume designer of "American Horror Story" has indicated that for Season 4, the setting will be New Orleans, again. 

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