'American Horror Story' Season 4 Spoilers: Lea Michele Begs For a Character in the Show?

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"American Horror Story" is preparing for the show's fourth season and all possibilities are now being discussed about the theme, location and cast that may or may not agree to join the show. There are clues that Chloe Sevigny is returning for another season and on Mar. 6, Lea Michele of Glee has revealed that she would love to join the cast even for just a brief guest role.

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Michele talked about a role in American Horror Story and confirmed that she has already spoken about it with Ryan Murphy, the creator of both her show Glee and American Horror Story.

"I have basically talked to Ryan Murphy about it every day," Michele said. "If I could get my fans to start working on it for me, it would be great. I have been literally begging him." Michele is currently working on Glee and promoting her first studio album entitled "Louder." This could mean that her role in American Horror Story will happen only after the finale of Glee.

"It would probably be for the show's season five or something like it," Michele confessed. "I think it would be a great opportunity for people in the acting world to see. I moved to los Angeles after working on Broadway and got Glee immediately. People were introduced to me as Lea Michele, but really as Rachel Berry. Outside of Glee and outside of this record will be continued opportunities for people to see me as a singer and as an actor."

Murphy has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the 1950s part of American horror Story will focus on a particular event and will be set in New Orleans or Santa Fe. He has not confirmed anything so far but it is worth noting that Ringing Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus had a horrible scene when a 5-year-old's head was crushed by an elephant. There are rumours circulating that season four might have something to do with a traveling circus and clowns. Jessica Lange is also rumoured to play an owner of a German troupe that's rebuilding after a World War 2 bombing.

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