‘American Horror-Story’ Season 4 and Season 5: Combination of Two Periods, Jessica Lange’s Ex-Lover, Exciting Themes, Jessica Not Returning

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The finale of "American Horror-Story-Coven" put on throne a New Supreme, Cordelia, and the dead, old Supreme, "Fiona," was put in an eternal personal hell, with the Axeman. Now that the Season 3 is over, it is time to look forward to the upcoming seasons of "American Horror Story."  

It was reported previously that the new season of "American Horror Story" will be set in 1950s. In his latest interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy, co-creator of "American Horror Story," has revealed that Season 4 will be set in two time periods.

"It's a combination of two time periods, with the main one being the 1950s. I don't know," said Murphy.  He is not sure whether the upcoming will be darker, as the writing has yet to start. The co-creator, however, said that he liked the comedy of "Coven" and that he likes comic characters. The viewers of "American Horror Story" can expect to see comedy and comic characters in "American Horror Story" Season 4.  

Sarah Paulson, who portrayed Cordelia in "American Horror Story-Coven," said to The Hollywood Reporter that she is on "track" for Season 4 and that is the plan. When asked about her character in Season 4, the actress said that she knows "it will not disappoint and it will be, for my money, one of the more exciting themes."

Talking about Season 5, Murphy said to Entertainment Weekly that he already knows about Season 5. He revealed that it will be a "radically different idea from the stuff" they have been doing. He believes that the idea will demand a "lot of playing."   

Jessica Lange will not be returning for Season 5. The veteran actress has said that Season 4 will be her last "American Horror Story" Season. According to reports, Murphy is negotiating a deal with Sam Shepard, playwright/actor and Jessica's ex-lover, for the fourth season.

Citing a source, Showbizspy reports that Jessica is not "thrilled" about his latest development. "When she and Sam parted ways she thought she'd never have to deal with him again, but Ryan loves to stir the pot," said the source. "He thinks it will make must-watch TV to have the pair sparring on camera."

The report suggests that Jessica is unlikely to quit, as she is committed to doing Season 4 of "American Horror Story."

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