‘American Horror Story’ Season 4: Is Lily Rabe Quitting to Star in ‘The Visitors’

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Lily Rabe, who portrayed Nora in Season 1 of "American Horror Story," Sister Mary Eunice in Season 2, and Misty Day in Season 3, may not return to play a new role in the fourth season. The actress has signed-up for ABC's "The Visitors," a show based on Ray Bradbury's short story, "Zero Hour."

Variety has confirmed that Rabe will star in "The Visitors" one-hour drama pilot. Soo Hugo has written the pilot episode and Mark Romanek is directing it. Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Steven Spielberg and Dawn Olmstead are the names associated as executive producers for "The Vistors."

According TV Line, "The Visitors" will feature a race "against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy out to destroy the world using our most precious resource against us."

Rabe is set to play Claire Bennigan, a child specialist with the FBI. She and the FBI, according to TV Line, are "investigating a string of strange cases involving children and their imaginary friend 'Drill'." Bennigan's son will be taken away by the enemy, which is expected to test the character's confidence as a mother and an agent.   

According to media rumours, if ABC gives "The Visitors" a fall date, ordering a full season, Rabe may not return for the fourth season of "American Horror Story." It will be a great loss for the show if Rabe decides to sit out of the fourth season.   

Till now, only Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange have confirmed that they are returning for "American Horror Story" Season 4.  The new season will be set in two time periods, the 1950s and contemporary. The season is expected to be set in the 1950s, mainly. Lange is working on her German accent to play a role similar to German born American actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich. Paulson is learning a new skill for her upcoming role.

Evan Peters is eager to star in Season 4 of "American Horror Story." However, he has yet to get a call. The filming may begin sometime in June.

Lange has said that the season four will be her last season for "American Horror Story." 

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