American Horror Story Season 4 Freak Show Update: New Actor Roped-In, Possible Return of Asylum Actor

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Ryan Murphy, co-creator of "American Horror Story," took to Twitter to announce that Finn Wittrock has been roped-in to star in Season 4 of the horror anthology series, which is subtitled "Freak Show." Murphy, however, did not provide details about Finn's role. 

"Thrilled to announce the very talented FINN WITTROCK has joined the cast of Freak Show!" Murphy said on Twitter.

Finn Wittrock's name, however, is missing from the casting sheet, which was apparently leaked on Twitter by a fan. This leaked sheet indicates that the opening episode of Season 4 will introduce the performers.    

The casting sheet suggests that Naomi Grossman is returning to once again play the role of Pepper.  Grossman portrayed the microcephalic character called Pepper in Season 2, "American Horror Story-Asylum."

Huffington Post reports that it makes sense that Grossman is returning to reprise her Pepper role, as the character was inspired by the 1932 movie, "Freaks." She can be one of the performers in Season 4's freak show, which is set in 1950s and based in Jupiter, Florida.  "Asylum" was set in 1964 and Pepper might have ended-up in Briarcliff Manor after her stint in the freak show.

The leaked casting sheet reveals that Jessica Lange's character is called Elsa Mars. As previously reported, Lange's character will be seen running one of the last remaining freak shows in the U.S. The  freak show has Sarah Paulson as one of the performers. It has already been revealed that she will be playing the conjoined twins, with two heads, Bette and Dot. According to the casting sheet, which has not yet been confirmed as official by the "American Horror Story" team, the last name of Bette and Dot is Tattler. Ann Mckenzie's character is called Eudora Tattler -- she might be the mother of Bette and Dot 

Kathy Bates' character is called Ethel Darling. Murphy had said that Bates' character is the ex-wife of Michael Chiklis' character.  The name of Chiklis and his character are not there in the unofficial casting sheet of episode 1. There is also no mention of his character's wife, played by Angela Bassett. Evan Peters' character is called Jimmy Darling. He is likely to be the son of Ethel and Chiklis' character. Jimmy, if that is Evan's name in the show, is expected to be one of the performers in Lange's freak show.

According to the leaked casting sheet, Erika Ervin is Amazon Eve, John Carroll Lynch is the twisted clown, Mat Fraser is Paul the Illustrated Seal, Rose Siggins is Legless Suzi, Christopher Neimen is Salty, Ben Woolf is Meep, Grace Gunner is Penny the Candy Stripper, Ramona Tyler is Mildred Bachman. 

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