American Horror Story Season 4 Freak Show: Sarah Paulson’s Twitter Photo Fake, New Characters Detail

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The Season 4 of "American Horror Story, which is subtitled "Freak Show," promises to be thrilling, dark and comic, with a lot of freaky characters. Recently, Sarah Paulson took to Twitter to reveal that she is playing a freaky performer who has two heads -- conjoined twins called Bette and Dot. She posted a photo, as well. However, the photo that she shared on Twitter is not how her character [characters] will look like in the fourth season. It was a digitally generated image.

Paulson revealed to Vulture that she as Dot and Bette will not look like the photo posted on Twitter. A company used a picture of her as Lana Winters to show the two heads to Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of "American Horror Story."

"Everyone thinks that is the character of Dot and Bette in terms of the way I look -- that's just what the company came up with [to] digitally show the two heads to Ryan. They used a picture of me as Lana Winters because it was in the period. So that's not what I'll actually look like as Dot and Bette," said Paulson.

Meanwhile, the latest buzz is the casting of three new characters. E! Online reports that "American Horror Story" is currently casting for "few new roles" for Season 4 "Freak Show." According to the report, the casting includes for characters called Larry, Bobby and Sammy.

Larry is a tall, benign man.  E! Online's spoiler report describes him as an "extremely, extremely tall man" and he will be seen as a gentle giant. The report did not reveal much about the character of Bobby, but said that the role of Sammy will require prosthetics.       

These three characters are likely to be the performers in the freak show, which is managed by Jessica Lange's character, a German ex-pat in 1950. These performers will do anything to keep the freak show in business.  

At the PaleyFest, it was announced that veteran actor Michael Chiklis will be joining the cast of "American Horror Story" to play a key role in the upcoming Season 4. He will be seen playing the ex-husband of Kathy Bates' character and father to the character portrayed by Evan Peters.

It is expected that the filming of Season 4 will begin in July.

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