‘American Horror Story-Coven’ Update: Is Madonna the New Supreme? ‘The Seven Wonders’ Kills

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The upcoming episode of "The American Horror Story-Coven" will reveal the new Supreme. It is highly implausible that Madonna will be the new Supreme, but Ryan Murphy's, co-creator of "American Horror Story," tweet has got everyone talking about the singer.  

Murphy tweeted: "This Wednesday...maybe Madonna is the new Supreme." He also posted a photo-shopped photo of Madonna, dressed in her black Grammy outfit, leading the witches. In addition to Queenie, Zoe and Madison, one can also see Nan in the tweeted image. Fiona is present, as well. In Both Nan and Fiona are dead, so it is improbable that this image is real.

Check the tweeted image Here.

If Murphy had tweeted about Stevie Nicks, the idol of Misty and the white witch, becoming the new 'Supreme,' the viewers would have bought that.  

In the upcoming final episode, "The Seven Wonder," Zoe, Misty, Madison and Queenie will demonstrate their powers, proving that one of them is the new 'Supreme'. The process to select the new supreme will not be an easy one, as tragedy will strike.

The attempt to perform all the seven wonders can get one of the witches killed, Fiona revealed to Queenie in the previous episode. If the witch is able to perform them, she will be crowned the New Supreme. Who will get killed in the finale of "American Horror Story-Coven?"

The previous episode, "Go to Hell," described 'The Seven Wonders' as "seven acts of magic so advanced [that] each pushes the boundaries of craft into art." The seven acts are Telekinesis, Concilium [mind control], Transmutation, Divination Vitalum Vitalis [balancing of scales between one life force and another], Descensum [a perilous descent into the nether worlds of afterlife] and Pyrokinesis.

"Every generation needs its leader The Supreme. No simple test could ever determine the sovereign among us. We rely upon seven: 'The Seven Wonders," according to "Go to Hell."

'The Supreme' of this generation will emerge but there is a cost to pay. Also, according to the spoilers of "The Seven Wonders," the new 'Supreme' will have to attend to one, final business before leading coven to the days of glory. 

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