‘American Horror Story-Coven’ SPOILERS: Fiona Brings Stevie Nicks to Out Misty as Next Supreme

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In "American Horror Story-Coven," the key question that has emerged in the last two episodes is 'who is the next Supreme'. Misty is seen as a rightful contender, mostly because she can bring back people from the dead. Fiona is fearful of her power and position in the coven. Moreover, her terminal cancer is making her anxious and desperate.

Fiona will invite Misty's favourite Stevie Nicks, the white witch, to the academy. It is Fiona's ruse to out Misty as the next supreme, as she needs to stay alive. Misty is obsessed with Stevie Nicks. Lily Rabe, who plays Misty, had said to Vulture that her character's "wardrobe, the hair, it's all very Stevie-centric."

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of "American Horror Story," said to Entertainment Weekly Stevie Nick is Fiona's way of telling Misty that if she "exhibits more power she'll get that and more." It is not yet certain if the joyful meeting with her idol will make Misty reveal her true powers.

"American Horror Story-Coven" will return with its new episode on January 08, 2014. The episode is called: "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks." Some of the developments that might take place in this episode:

Fiona and Marie will agree to form an alliance to take on the witch hunters. However, Marie's master, Papa Legba, might spoil the newly signed truce between the two ladies when he turns-up to demand his annual due. Hank's father, Harrison, will be identified as the man behind the organisation that aims to kill the witches.  

Hank's real identity will be revealed to Cordelia. Fiona will be mad at Cordelia for taking in Hank as her husband and for plotting against her own mother, with a witch hunter. Also, the Axeman will return in the upcoming episode.  Madison will not be a happy one when she is not considered as a potential next Supreme. She is likely to go to an extreme extent in her jealous rage.   

Checks the pictures of Misty and Stevie Nicks HERE. 

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